Riverdale is about to begin its fourth season on The CW and we’re hoping that the wacky adventures of these teens continue onwards for many more years. The series is based on the popular Archie comics but they take a decidedly darker approach then what you might be used to reading about.

The adventures of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Cheryl go in a totally new direction in the edgy CW series that, more often than not, leans into horror tropes. Last season alone dealt with a cult and the show has spawned multiple serial killers across only three seasons. We’re taking a look at some of the worst things the show’s teenagers have done thus far.

Blackmail their classmates

Everyone on Riverdale deals in blackmail and manipulation at some point. Perhaps one of the worst examples is when Betty intentionally uses video footage of Cheryl’s father shooting her twin brother Jason to get her to do what she wants.

But that’s far from the only time and it’s not that bad compared to some of the other ridiculous, dangerous, and awful things that the teenagers in this town manage to do.

Burning down their family mansion

Compared to many of the other things the teenagers on this series have done, Cheryl burning down the Blossom mansion, Thornhill, is surprisingly tame. She sets the place on fire at the end of season one and honestly, no one can really blame her for doing so.

Arson is still never a good idea but to be fair, Cheryl had just discovered that her father was responsible for murdering her twin brother. Plus, the entire Blossom family tree is pretty twisted, especially Cheryl’s evil mother Penelope.

Join various town gangs

Several of the main characters are involved in gangs. The Southside Serpents are the most notable gang in Riverdale. Jughead Jones has been a Serpent since the beginning with his father, FP Jones, the leader for a time. The Serpents have been everything from an enemy to an ally to protectors of the town.

But beyond the Serpents, there is also the Pretty Poisons, a gang formed by Cheryl and Toni, and the Gargoyles, formed by the Gargoyle King. You wouldn’t think a town as small as Riverdale would have three gangs running around but they do, and worse, the teenagers run them and lead them.

Perform a striptease in front of adults

In one of the worst and most cringe-worthy moments of the series so far, Betty Cooper is forced to perform a seductive striptease in lingerie to the song “Mad World” at Veronica’s speakeasy. The task is meant to be part of her initiation into the Serpents but it just comes across as super weird.

Riverdale frequently forgets that its characters are supposed to be teenagers. What adult in their right mind would willingly sit there in public and watch a minor strip down on stage? Even worse, she does it in front of her mom, her boyfriend’s dad, and basically the whole town.

Forming a makeshift militia

Archie gets the idea in his head that he alone is responsible for taking down the Black Hood. Instead of letting the authorities deal with it, he instead forms a shirtless militia of high school teenagers to try and threaten and intimidate a serial killer.

The video looks more like the start of an adult film, as many jokes have been made on the internet in the aftermath of the scene’s airing. Overall, the “militia” doesn’t even manage to accomplish much but look rather foolish and completely in over their heads.

Do illegal stuff for their girlfriend’s dad

Hiram and Archie’s relationship is one of the most conflicted and contentious on the series. First, Archie wants to impress Hiram, then he wants to work with the FBI to take him down, then they’re allies again, and then Hiram frames Archie for murder, and so on and so forth. It never seems to end.

You would think a big-shot businessman like Hiram would have better things to do than make an enemy of a sixteen-year-old or terrorize a small town. At one point, Archie tries so hard to win Hiram’s approval that he basically becomes Hiram’s enforcer. He does several illegal things for him and is almost indoctrinated into the mob.

Invite a long-lost weird brother to live with them

When we were introduced to Chic, it was after quite a bit of drama. Of course, we find out later that Chic or “Charles” isn’t really who he claims to be. But weirdly enough, Betty decides to invite him into their house to live.

It’s a bold choice considering she had only just met him. In reality, he stole the identity of Charles Smith and he winds out being the Gargoyle King in season three. Of course, long before that she had decided to hand him over to her serial killer father to get rid of him once and for all. But we find out he didn’t really die and Hal instead mentored him.

Hide dead bodies with your parents

Speaking of bodies, killer parents, and general weirdness, at one point in the series Alice and Betty Cooper hide a body together to keep the cops from coming to their home and potentially discovering Chic and taking him away.

That’s one way for mothers and daughters to bond, right? The body never really gets brought up again except in a casual blackmail encounter but otherwise Betty and Alice just kind of get away with murder.

Forging a relationship with a serial killer who is also their dad

Betty’s entire relationship with the Black Hood is twisted. Yes, we do find out the Black Hood is her father, Hal Cooper, which explains why he took such an interest in her but it doesn’t explain why Betty let herself get so deeply involved before involving adults or proper authorities.

She was literally receiving creepy gifts (aka body parts) from the murderer and didn’t tell anyone. That doesn’t even begin to cover the phone calls and investigations. Yes, this was when Riverdale was playing with the “Dark Betty” concept but it eventually just became Betty doing a bunch of really stupid and dangerous things over and over again.

Join an organ-harvesting cult

One of the most recent and worst infractions on the series is the introduction of a creepy cult called The Farm led by Chad Michael Murray. Despite all the warning signs about the Manson-like gathering, the Farm still recruits many teenagers at the school.

It’s helped along by recruiters such as Evelyn, who is secretly much older than she looks, but you would think people would begin using their common sense at some point. Eventually, it’s even revealed that the cult is a cover for an organ harvesting ring, because that’s normal, right?

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