Very soon, Riverdale will be knocking on fans’ doors again, ready to take them on one seriously wild ride. With last season ending on one bloody, ominous scene of spring break, fans have been itching to get back and learn more.

However, the bloody bonfire wasn’t the only mystery the writers left hanging. Sure, Riverdale started out a murder mystery series, but fans can only have so many questions to juggle! When this new season gets rolling, they really need to give them some answers. That, or fans will be forced to ignore the plot holes (and let’s be honest, there have been a lot).

In the hopes of plot-hole mitigation, here are 10 Unresolved Storylines That Need Answers In Season 4.

Hiram’s Revenge

When Hiram first tried to take over all of Riverdale, his family was by his side. However, the more he selfishly alienated them, the faster they turned. Now in jail, Hiram is making moves to get his revenge on his wife and daughter. He has targeted his wife for attempted murder, but there’s still Veronica to take care of.

Hiram already was a looming, ominous threat with too much power to stay locked up forever. Now, it seems he will finally come back. But how does he plan to hurt Veronica? That’s a loose end that needs to play out in season 4.

Reggie And Veronica

While Archie and Veronica were on the rocks, fans’ favorite Lodge heir was cozying up to her speak-easy buddy, Reggie. At first, they started off as a purely physical relationship. After all, they both are hot teens with hardcore libidos. However, there’s a problem with the arrangement. Despite starting out so casual, Reggie caught feelings and Veronica sort of did, too.

The episode before the finale, the pair finally decided to give their on and off, semi-romantic relationship a shot.

Well, that is until the finale. During that, Veronica and Archie re-affirm their love and, by the looks of the trailer, are back together again. But what about Reggie?

MIA Penelope

At the end of last season, Archie and the gang discovered Penelope has been the mastermind behind the villains of the past two years. She manipulated Hal and Chic to become The Black Hood and The Gargoyle King. Then, she sent them to terrorize the people of Riverdale. All she had to do to culminate that was try to kill Archie and co.

Of course, Penelope failed, but she didn’t get caught for her deeds. After threatening their lives, she slinked away. Fans have no clue where she went or what happened to her. Will she be punished for what she’s done, is she going to come back and cause more mayhem? Fans have no clue where this storyline will go.

The Whereabouts Of The Farm

The Farm was a huge part of season 3, a disturbing cult that took over a large chunk of Riverdale. Its members ranged from Alice and Polly Cooper to Cheryl Blossom herself. Though Archie and Jughead had to face Penelope, The Black Hood, and The Gargoyle King in the end, they did not get to face The Farm.

Before anyone could take on the organ-stealing fanatics, they disappeared.

But Alice Cooper was an informant, Penelope bought some of the organs, and Polly and Dagwood are still with the cult. The writers better figure out a way to solve this conundrum.

Harvested Organs?!?

Speaking of The Farm, there’s a whole part of their organization that’s barely been addressed. Their whole shtick is harvesting the organs of their followers. Betty learns that, gets captured, Penelope buys some of said organs, and then they disappear.

Where did they go? What is Penelope doing with the organs? What is their long-term plan?

Of all the unresolved storylines, this one already has the least information going on with it. Fans really don’t know what’s happening with anything, and season 4 needs to resolve it in some way.

The Loss of Fred Andrews

This year, Luke Perry, the actor who played Fred Andrews, sadly passed away. Because of this horrible loss, Riverdale writers will have to deal with that in season 4. It’s less an active, unresolved storyline and more something they need to cover. Luke Perry was a beloved member of the cast ad Fred Andrews was a beloved father figure. This isn’t a something they can just brush under the rug. They need to do a proper, loving tribute to the great cast-member and Riverdale resident that they lost.

As it should be, the showrunners have revealed that Luke Perry’s passing will be addressed in the first few episodes of the season.

An FBI Surprise Named Charles

Riverdale has already spent an obscene amount of time on Alice Cooper’s adopted baby drama, but that storyline does not seem all that resolved yet. First fans dealt with Chic for far longer than anyone wanted to deal with him. Now there’s this Charles, an FBI agent out of nowhere, claiming to be the real Cooper/Jones baby.

How did Alice meet her real son? How did he convince her to become an informant? Where does he fit in all of this?

There’s so much left to explain there, and fans really deserve some answers in season 4.

Bloody Spring Break

If season 4 doesn’t resolve this cliffhanger scene, then the writers have really lost their minds. The entire teaser for the next season was in a spring break scene, where Archie, Betty, and Veronica were nearly naked, bloodied, and talking by a fire. They were going to burn all their clothes, including Jughead’s beanie, because they did something horrible.

Fans assume that this will be explored and explained in season 4, but who knows? Wilder things have happened in Riverdale. Who knew we’d ever see Chic again, or that Archie would be known for bear fighting?

Possible Rebirth Of The Gargoyle King

During the finale, Penelope revealed that The Gargoyle King was a red-headed Chic. Chic went to jail by the end of the episode, though, so that should mean the end of it, right?

Well, as many fans have pointed out, Chic wasn’t nearly tall enough to be the same guy that everyone saw all those other times. Either Riverdale writers don’t care about that inconsistency, or maybe there’s more than one Gargoyle King around.

Season 4 will have to make The Gargoyle King’s demise clearer or prove all those fans right.

Ricky Who?

Last season, there was a mild subplot about Ricky DeSantos, a young kid who becomes friends with Jellybean Jones and is nearly consumed by playing G&G. Despite all the time fans spend with Ricky, he’s literally left tied up in a forest never to be seen again. What happened after the adventure scouts chased Jughead away? Is he okay or did he go full crazy while trying to ascend?

Season 4 hopefully can at least give a glimpse into what happened to the young boy our supposed heroes left tied up in the forest. Hopefully he isn’t still tied up in the forest to this day.