When Veronica Lodge strides down the halls of Riverdale High, you pay attention. Not because of the commanding click-click-click of her sky-high stilettos, but because Veronica exudes confidence. She wears it like a rare perfume—and everybody’s desperate to get a whiff.

This Veronica could either be the one in the classic Archie Comics or in the updated, hit show Riverdale. However, Riverdale Veronica is a rara avis. She uses her commanding personality and enthralling dynamism for good. Mostly. While Riverdale Ronnie may love cute boys and pretty dresses every bit as much as her comic book counterpart, she is one of the strongest female characters a teen show has ever seen.

But that doesn’t make her a magic pixie of perfection. Where’s the fun in that? Veronica can go from sassy to mean at the drop of a Burberry scarf. She can be driven, but short-sighted. Maybe that’s no fun to hear and maybe that’s why some fans give her more of a break than other characters. But somebody’s always paying attention, Ronnie. Here is Riverdale: 10 Things Wrong With Veronica We All Choose To Ignore.

Kisses Archie after Betty says she likes him

New girl Veronica is quick to learn that Betty carries a torch for Archie. So is Veronica to blame for feeling a strong connection with him as well? Not in the slightest. If Veronica and Archie have romantic feelings for each other, they should be free to pursue them. As sad as it may be, Betty just has to accept this. This exact scenario would play itself out.

But in the beginning, Veronica didn’t show such maturity. She and Archie kissed during a game of “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, which Cheryl orchestrated for the purpose of causing chaos amongst everyone’s favorite love triangle. A juvenile party game is not the place to garden a romance, especially with a betrayed Betty looking on. Veronica’s gaffe is resolved fairly quickly, but she’s lucky Betty didn’t give her the kiss-off.

Thinks people can be bought

Reputation is everything in Riverdale and Veronica is certainly conscious of hers. As the daughter of a convicted felon, Veronica doesn’t want to be perceived as a soulless bloodsucker who cares more about money than people. This is admirable and shows remarkable self-awareness, especially for someone so young.

However, try as she might, Veronica can’t completely shake her moneybags roots. After the “Seven Minutes In Heaven” incident, Veronica’s first instinct was to flood Betty with gifts. This is a nice gesture, but sincere, heartfelt apologies work just as well—if not better—than matching manis. When Ethel Muggs’ dad tries to commit suicide after losing his job—Hiram Lodge’s handiwork—Veronica offers Mr. Muggs another one. If Veronica didn’t understand the fact that money can’t solve everything, she definitely does when Ethel dumps a milkshake over her head. Strawberries and couture never mix.

Uses flirtation as revenge

When Varchie and Bughead go for a couples’ vacation to the Lodge cabin, they probably had good, not-so clean fun in mind. Board games, beers, and naughty hot tub sessions. Too bad things promptly take a sour turn when Veronica catches Archie colluding with Andre, the Lodges’ assistant. Veronica clearly said the weekend was for the two couples only, no protection. She gives Archie an ice-cold stare for going behind her back.

Then Ronnie takes things a step further after she goes with Betty into town. Veronica throws herself at a convenience store cashier, flirting it up to within an inch of his life. Is there anything wrong with a little innocent flirtation? No. But Veronica comes on so strong, she makes Betty super-uncomfortable. The problem is that Veronica is only behaving this way to get back at Archie. Talk about spiteful. She also probably shouldn’t have mentioned where she was staying, as the cashier and some buddies try to rob the cabin later that night. Loose lips sink ships, no matter how kissable they are.

Slut-shames Betty

During their fateful walk into town, Betty dishes to Veronica about her new sex life with Jughead. Specifically, Betty mentions the night before, where she wore her Dark Betty get-up in the cabin guestroom. The two made so much noise, Veronica and Archie could hear them through the walls. Initially, while surprised, Veronica is happy that her straitlaced friend is able to have a fulfilling, erotic life with a boy she loves.

That sister camaraderie sure doesn’t last long. When an argument breaks out between B&V, Veronica is quick to stoop to the lowest level possible. She scornfully mentions Betty’s kinky attire, even though it was private information. Where to start with the bad? A person’s sex life is their own business and if they choose to reveal it to a confidante, mum should be the word. Blurting it out is bad enough, but hurling it like a weapon is sickening. Betty got in some cheap shots too, but Veronica should know that comments like these only serve to move a friendship back…not to mention the women’s movement.

Kisses Jughead

What is it about the family cabin that just brings out the worst in Veronica? Admittedly, it’s not her fault that this vacation from hell gets off to a rocky start. Cheryl, slighted at not being invited, calls Jughead and tells him about Betty and Archie’s kiss. Naturally, Jughead is upset. In the hot tub, things are still tense so Veronica proposes that she and Jughead kiss to make things even.

Examining the situation closely, this would even the score on technicality only. In the case of Betty and Archie’s kiss, everyone was single at the time. It was a spontaneous, apocalyptic kiss and nobody was around—except apparently Cheryl. Veronica and Jughead’s kiss would be out of pure spite. Yet, they go through with it. While the emotional fallout was minimal, everyone was probably making a mental note to never vacation with Veronica again.

Uses Jingle Jangle

As a socialite, Veronica wants to be the hostess with the mostess…especially when her guests are mobster colleagues of her dad’s. When guest of honor, and Veronica’s ex, Nick St. Clair, shows up with a candy store’s worth of Jingle Jangle, Veronica is caught between a rock and a hard place. Shut down the illegal narcotic activity or take part and show her guest a good time?

It’s easy to sympathize with her position. But when she chooses the latter, it’s just irresponsible. Veronica encourages several of her classmates to put their lives in danger, all so she can please her father. This turns out to have bad consequences, besides just a sugary comedown. Nick St. Clair tries to rape Cheryl and while several party guests witness this, their testimony isn’t credible because Jingle Jangle was still in their systems. Using straws is passe, especially Little Straws of Death.

Daddy’s little girl

Hiram Lodge really does his family dirty, conducting criminal activities and getting himself thrown into jail. But the Lodge women are resilient, as they carve out a new life for themselves. Well, that all goes up in smoke the second Hiram is released. Both Hermione and Veronica welcome him back with open arms, ready to resume their opulent, mobster-funded life.

Nobody can fault a teenage girl for being happy to have her dad back. But Veronica seems to forget that he dragged everyone into this mess in the first place. When Archie wants to “make his bones” with Hiram, Veronica advises him against that. That’s all well and good, but Veronica should have done everything in her physical power to keep Hiram from sinking his teeth into Archie. She knows what her father is capable of. But, no. Veronica packs up and moves to Fantasyland, where Daddykins and Archiekins are best buds. Joke’s on her, because Fantasyland promptly evicts her when Daddykins frames Archiekins for murder. Next time, Veronica should try Reality Check Motel. She won’t be pampered, but she’ll be safe.

Uses Reggie

Veronica doesn’t take her break-up with Archie well. She really pulled out all the stops to try to make it work. So when the dashing Reggie Mantle offers himself as an oasis in her desert of loneliness, of course Veronica’s going to take a drink. The two continue their physical relationship until Reggie says he wants more. Veronica isn’t willing to give it to him, so that’s that. Clean and simple, right?

Then Veronica’s parents announce their impending divorce. Veronica, poor girl, takes it hard. So she goes back to Reggie and the two spend the night together. Reggie is in heaven, thinking he finally scored the girl of his dreams. When he discovers the Lodges’ divorce, he realizes Veronica is in a bad place and is using him once again. Yes, Veronica’s situation is awful, but playing with Reggie’s fragile heart isn’t the answer.

Gets herself into massive debt

At first blush, it looks like Veronica is brimming with savvy business instincts. She’s a high school student who owns two establishments: Pop’s Chock-Lit Shoppe and La Bonne Nuit. Having learned her lesson as a mobster’s daughter, Veronica is all about going legit. In an attempt to get her family out of the drug trade, Veronica destroys all of Hiram’s equipment and supply. She’s caught and now in the hole for $75G. To make matters worse, Gladys Jones had already paid to take over the business, so now Ronnie’s on the hook for that too. Her new hopping hangout La Bonne Nuit turns into an ATM for Hiram and Gladys overnight.

To succeed in business, you have to be a bit of a gambler. Too bad Veronica doesn’t know when to quit.

Poor little rich girl

Throughout Riverdale, Veronica has repeatedly denounced her family’s lavish lifestyle and the way it was paid for. She prides herself as an independent, strong woman. In many ways she is. However, when things don’t go her way, Veronica has a problematic tendency of behaving exactly like the spoiled little rich girl stereotype she’s trying to avoid.

When she was mad at her parents, Veronica drank the Cristal that Hermione was saving for Hiram’s return. Later on, Veronica has every right to be angry with Hiram for trying to murder her boyfriend. What exactly is the proper response in said situation? It’s doubtful most people can relate, but a shot in the dark would tell you it doesn’t involve smashing your mother’s crazy-pants expensive Glamourgé egg. Veronica can be a statue of composure when she wants to be, but when she doesn’t, her temper tantrums cost millions.