Veronica Lodge probably wishes she never moved to Riverdale at this rate as the town has brought her nothing but trouble. Her father framed her boyfriend for murder, tried to have him killed and then tried to take over the town. Let’s not forget that Veronica has had abuse hurled at her because the notorious crime boss has made a lot of enemies with the residents.

However, sometimes Veronica’s ostracization can be justified as the businesswoman has made a few irrational decisions herself. Remember when she took Jingle Jangle to impress Nick St. Clair? Or when she accused Cheryl of killing Jason out of jealousy? Keep reading to discover the 10 most shameless things Veronica has done on Riverdale.

Rivalry With Hiram

Fans have watched Hiram and Veronica engage in a seemingly never-ending rivalry. It first began in Season 3 when Hiram framed Archie for murder, which had caused Veronica to try and seek revenge on her father by framing him for all the illegal activity that occurs in La Bonne Nuit.

However,  she still seems to associate with her Hiram. For weeks, fans have had to listen to her complain about him and even set up a rival distillery to get on his nerves. Now Veronica has seemed to have changed her mind because Hiram is “sick”. Even if he is ill (which he probably isn’t), it doesn’t erase all the bad he has done to all her friends and loved ones. Yet, Veronica looks like she’s on the path to forgiving him once again.

Knowledge of Hiram’s plans

It’s no secret that Veronica has daddy issues that will probably lead to her undoing. However, before her rivalry with Hiram, there was a time where she was happy to stand by his side. In Season 2, Veronica asked her parents to have a more active role in Lodge Industries.

Despite being close friends with Jughead and Betty, Veronica hid the truth from them about Hiram’s plans to turn Southside High into a prison. She also kept mum about what Hiram’s intentions were in buying SoDale and Sunnyside Trailer Park. Although Veronica would deny it, she does have a mini-dark side that is waiting to be uncovered.

Taking Jingle Jangle

In Season 1, Veronica had spoken to several of her peers about her former lifestyle in New York and how she wanted to change for the better. However, the shell of her party girl persona made a reappearance in “Chapter Eighteen: When a Stranger Calls”. Here, she proved why she was “Daddy’s little princess” when she agreed to show Nick a good time as the Lodges tried to do business with the St. Clairs.

While Veronica got reacquainted with Nick, she fell back into the mean girl routine. She first started by making fun of the lack of entertainment in the town. She also took Jingle Jangle after being pressured by Nick and even tried to pressure Betty into taking the drugs as well.

Involvement In The Grundy Saga

When Veronica first came to Riverdale, she was keen to know everyone and their business. She wanted to help Ethel with her family problems, Cheryl with her grief, and help Betty with Archie. However, Veronica made the wrong decision to stand by when she found out about Archie and Ms. Grundy’s relationship.

When news about their “scandalous affair” broke, Veronica looked rather intrigued than disgusted. She then tagged along with Betty to break into Grundy’s car, where the teen girls try to expose her for the fraud she is. But instead of going to the police with their evidence, Veronica spent the next night watching a film in the drive-in. She doesn’t seem to care about all the crime going on around her unless it involves her family.

Kissing Jughead To Get Revenge

In Season 2, Jughead’s relationships with Archie and Betty were briefly strained after he discovered that they had kissed. This all occurred in “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes” when Veronica invites Jughead and Betty to join her and Archie at the lake house.

When Cheryl dropped the bombshell on Jughead, it threw a spanner in the works. However, Veronica came up with a solution that would satisfy all parties, which leas to her kissing Jughead in front of Betty and Archie. Despite Archie reluctantly agreeing to the kiss, the eye for an eye method didn’t work as Veronica’s petty revenge ended up causing friction between both couples.

Accusing Cheryl Of Killing Jason

When it comes to TV house parties, everyone knows they are bound for disaster and this was also the case in Riverdale. In “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend,” chaos descended into Jughead’s party as a game of “Secrets and Sins” goes wrong.

While Dilton revealed the truth about Archie’s affair with Miss Grundy and Chuck revealed Betty’s dark side, Veronica decided to accuse Cheryl of killing her own brother. She also said that Cheryl did it because she was in love with Jason and got jealous when he picked Polly. Not only did Veronica sink to Cheryl’s level but there was no need for her to reopen deep wounds because her pride was hurt.

Breaking Into FP’s Trailer

In “Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale And Back Again,” Alice recruited Archie and Veronica into helping her with the Jason Blossom investigation. This all came about after Veronica asked Archie to help her figure out if her father had something to do with FP’s arrest and Jason’s murder. Despite Archie hesitant to betray Jughead, Veronica managed to convince him to follow through.

The future couple ended up breaking into FP’s trailer and began searching for anything that could tie him to the scene of the crime. Despite riffling through his things, the pair found nothing incriminating. However, Veronica had jeopardized her friendship with Betty and Jughead as the pair were angry at her invasion of privacy.

Veronica And The Pussycats performance

One of the most shameless things Veronica ever did was agree to perform with the Pussycats on Pickens Day. In “Chapter Twenty-Four: The Wrestler,” the town was disgusted to discover the origins of the event after Jughead’s article informed them of how General Pickens led the massacre of the Uketna tribe and stole their land.

However, Veronica appeared to ignore the story as she performed with the Pussycats at the event. She also clapped along to her father’s speech when he interrupted Toni and the Serpents’ protest. Considering Veronica wanted to be her own person, she was happy being the dutiful daughter.

Supporting Archie and The Red Circle

One of the less popular storylines on the show had to be when Archie formed the Red Circle. Back in Season 2, Archie and a few other students began a vigilante group, whose purpose was to take down the Black Hood. Although Veronica was hesitant at first, she supported the idea when she realized Archie had been manipulated by Hiram.

From there, Veronica advised Archie that the Red Circle needed to expand and began transforming the radical group into a movement. With the help of Cheryl, the pair managed to spread the word by handing out shirts with the Red Circle symbol. Instead of encouraging Archie’s behavior to get back at her parents, she should have shut him down.

Breaking Archie Out Of Prison

The most shameless thing Veronica has ever done is the orchestration of breaking Archie out of prison. In Season 3, Veronica recruited some of her friends to help after witnessing the corruption in the facility. With Archie’s life on the line, Veronica worked fast by throwing smoke grenades into the fight club ring.

After he escaped, Veronica took him to the underground bunker. The young Lodge has broken quite a few laws and would have ended up going to jail herself if she was caught. Yet, this risk was worth it to her as long as Archie was protected.