For the four years Riverdale has been on the air, fans have watched as Betty has been put through the wringer. Not only has she battled mental health issues but she has also solved a murder, found out her dad was a serial killer and battled a cult that harvested organs. Now, Betty has just found out she has been rejected from her dream school.

It’s no wonder that Betty has been led down a dark path as she hasn’t had the easiest of times. However, she does have to be careful that her behavior doesn’t become destructive as she has broken the law a few times herself. From Bret’s restraining order to breaking Archie out of prison, here are the 10 most shameless things Betty has ever done.

The Bret Restraining Order

In one of the latest episodes, Alice revealed to Betty that Bret has filed a restraining order against her as a result of her clobbering him over the head with a golf club. Fans may remember how this all came about in the episode “Chapter Sixty-Four: The Ice Storm” when Jughead invited Betty to spend Thanksgiving break with him on campus.

Unbeknownst to them, Bret had overheard this and planned to prank them both. However, Betty ended up hitting him over the head with the golf club after he tried to scare them with a rabbit mask and an ax. She doesn’t even apologize for her actions and is quite smug about the fact that she could intimidate him.

Involvement In The Grundy Saga

While Betty played an important role in the Archie/Ms Grundy saga, she made a grave mistake when she allowed the teacher to go. As fans know, Archie had a summer fling with his music teacher that continued into the school year. However, this came out when Alice read Betty’s journal and confronted the teacher.

Instead of supporting her mother’s idea that the authorities should be called, Betty instead sided with Archie. She told Alice that she would lie to the police, say she made it all up and how she broke into Grundy’s car. She doesn’t even care that they allowed a criminal to escape, what mattered was that Archie was still friends with her at the end - which isn’t having the best intentions.

Handling her Yale rejection

In the latest episode, fans watched as Betty took her frustrations out on her father’s grave after the future journalist found out that she was rejected from Yale because of him. In “Chapter Sixty-Eight: Quiz Show,” Betty was devastated to find out she wasn’t accepted into Yale because they had found out that she was the daughter of a serial killer.

Not only did the rejection cause her to lash out at Jughead and state that he was undeserving of his place at the college, but she also vandalized his grave by smashing it with a sledgehammer. While everyone understands Betty’s rage, she could have gotten into trouble with the law for desecrating his tombstone and that just wasn’t worth it.

Arranging Jughead’s Birthday Party

In the early stages of Jughead and Betty’s relationship, the two had a brief falling out after the former River Vixen arranged a surprise birthday party for him. In “Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend,” Jughead and Betty celebrate his birthday. However, he soon feels discouraged when he walks into the Andrews’ house to find a birthday party.

He and Betty then get into an argument about the party, with Betty asking him why he “couldn’t be normal for once”. Pretty sure that when it’s someone’s birthday, they have a right to choose how they should celebrate it. Saying that he wasn’t normal just showed how much she had to learn about him.

Embarrassing Veronica in front of their friends

Veronica and Betty’s friendship went through a rough patch in season 2 after Hiram Lodge’s infamous return. The best friends’ relationship became strained after Betty found out Veronica knew of Hiram’s plans to turn Southside High into a prison. However, all this tension came to a height during the Carrie-esque episode.

In “Chapter Thirty-One: A Night To Remember,” Betty attacks Veronica in front of their friends, saying she has daddy issues. She also calls her spoiled and controlling, which is the embodiment of the character she is portraying. Despite her apologizing after being reprimanded by Archie, you can’t help but think how much she meant it.

Threatens To Leak Video About Jason’s Death

One of the worst moments for Betty had to be when she blackmailed Cheryl. During Jason’s murder investigation, the teens discovered that Clifford Blossom was the one responsible for his son’s death after a video emerged of him shooting Jason in the head.

However, who thought that Betty would be callous enough to use this against Cheryl to get what she wanted. In “Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks,” Betty blackmails Cheryl into helping her release FP from jail otherwise she would leak the tape into the public. While Betty has good intentions, sometimes you have to wonder how far she is willing to hurt someone to make sure Jughead is happy.

Breaking Archie Out Of Prison

The beginning of season 3 saw the teens come up with the best prison break-out scene that could rival the escape in The Shawshank Redemption. Together with all their friends, Betty helped to break Archie out of prison after the warden tried to have him killed.

Betty then created a diversion with Kevin, handing Archie off to Veronica and then getting chased by the cops while driving on a motorcycle. Despite Betty and the others doing what was necessary to protect Archie, it is still illegal to break someone out of prison and then harboring a fugitive.

Giving Up Chic To The Black Hood

Betty didn’t have the easiest of times in season 2 when The Black Hood made it his mission to personally torment her. In several episodes, the serial killer would call Betty and threaten to hurt Polly if she didn’t do his bidding. As a result, Betty had to end her relationship with Jughead and her friendship with Veronica.

However, the worst thing Betty did was giving up Chic up to The Black Hood in revenge for the impostor killing her real brother. After she releases Chic from his restraints in the basement, she holds him at gunpoint and takes him out to the graveyard, where The Black Hood is waiting. She didn’t even look remorseful as she sent Chic to his death.

Nearly Drowning Chuck

One of the lowest points of Betty’s life had to be when “Dark Betty” came out and almost killed Chuck. In “Chapter Three: Body Double,” Betty and Veronica cook up a scheme to get revenge of Chuck after they discovered the Bulldogs’ playbook marking their sexual conquests.

Betty and Veronica invite Chuck over to Ethel’s house under the pretense that they would be using the hot tub. They handcuff him to the tub and start interrogating him, with Veronica recording the event. When Chuck confesses the rumors were a lie, Betty takes it a step too far when she pushes his head into the water with her heel. Betty later tells Veronica she doesn’t regret it because she was sick of guys like Chuck treating girls as if they are worthless.

Her Serpent Dance

One of the most awkward scenes in the entire series is when Betty did her Serpent dance. In “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil,” Betty decides that she wants to become part of the gang and asks Toni on how she could go about doing this.

Toni and Byrdie tell Betty that she would have to a Serpent dance to become a member, which Toni calls an “outdated sexist tradition.” However, Betty is determined to do so. She then shocked Jughead, Alice, and the viewers by dancing in front of all the Serpents. She hasn’t expressed any regret for the dance because she did it for Jughead but it’s a pretty awkward scene when you remember that Betty is still an underage teenager at the time.