River Island Payment Options

The payment method is easy and supports a lot of options for purchasing online. You have options like PayPal, Klarna, gift cards, American express cards, and many others. Further, I have included a list of payments supported on their sites.

Moreover, you also understand the refund policy and certain gifts associated with your purchase. They also have a discount option that you might be interested in.

What is River Island?

River Island is a private company started back in 1948 by Bernard Lewis and his three brothers in London. First, It had operated on fruits and vegetables and then captured the clothes market. It was renamed Chelsea girl in 1965 to represent the hub market of fashion, music, and culture of King’s Road in Chelsea.

The name “River Island” was given after the merger of different stores under Chelsea. They created men’s, women’s, and children’s collections and increased their stores to 350. It operates worldwide among which 250 stores are located in the UK and Ireland. Moreover, they have an in-house design team working in the West London headquarters.

What type of payment options are available on River Island?

River Island supports various payment methods and domestic ones too. It gives buyers Klarna Pay later option in 3 interest-free installments. Further, they also provide gift cards and discounts while you purchase at their site.

You also have the option to track orders and returns. Below are some options you can use at their payment sites

Pay by master and visa cards. You can also use Maestro, Visa, Solo, Electron, and Mastercard debit cards. American-express cards. From your PayPal account. Gift cards. Klarna Pay. GiroPay is only available in Germany. iDeal for the Netherlands. One4All method.

Moreover, they also accept domestic payment options like debit and credit cards. You can pay from different countries also as they are available on the international markets. First, visit the site of riverisland.com from your country and choose the item you want to buy. 

Second, you can select your payment method available in your country and make purchases. The company says its payment gateways are secured and safe from any worry. If you get any failure while making a payment you have the option to contact their customer care.

What is a gift card on river island?

A gift card type of wallet that you can use to give cash to others. The company has two types of cards including digital and physical gift cards. You can get a physical gift card at any river island store in the UK, Ireland, and some international stores.

Further, users can add a minimum balance of €2 to begin. The cards are available in different colors and designs which you can choose from.

People can buy cards from international stores such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s, Boots, WHSmith, Clinton, Wilko, and The Card Factory stores. You can see below some points before buying a card-

Gift Cards are available online at riverisland. com and in all River Island stores in the UK (excluding Selfridges and Voisins), the Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Your gift card amount can be accessed through wbiprod. storedvalue. com and on every other store in the UK, etc. Most importantly, gift card returns can only be accepted in the UK except at Selfridges and Voisins, the republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man. But they do not accept international returns on any outside stores. Users can use only 5 gift cards at a time in any online and offline stores. A gift card pin is placed on the scratch-off panel or listed on the card in 4 digits.

How do Klarna’s later payments work on river island?

Klarna is a Swedish bank which provides payment services also. It has 100k online stores with over 60 million customers and their faith in secure payment. Irrespective of credit rating your age is reviewed for eligibility requirements. So, a person above 18 years can easily get access to its pay later in 3 options. It provides users to pay 3 times, distributing their cost into 3 equal payments. Next, Klarna collects it automatically with your provided bank and card details on the site. Below I have mentioned points to know before using Klarna.

Users above 18 will be eligible for Klarna pay later in 3 functions. The cost will be decided into 3 equal payments which Klarna will collect automatically. Klarna’s pay later in 3 will depend on your order, right information, payment history, and age to qualify. You can also be denied but not on every order. Moreover, users have to give their phone number, address, email, and payment information. Klarna’s order will not work on every store, order, country, or item availability. So, you must check when it is available or not. The first payment is collected after order confirmation, next will take place after 30 and 60 days. Most importantly, when you place this order and cancel it, Klarna will cancel and return your payment.


River Island has been an authentic and trusted company for 60 years. They have experts who create their various collections from Hat-wares to shoes for every people’s. So, you can trust them and purchase stylish clothes.

Their payment options help users to easily buy and cancel with one click. Users can use Klarna payment to pay later for their favorite items and collections. However, it is not available in every order which is a minus point. I think it’s a great company and the clothes are reliable.

How can I create an account on river island?

To create an account first open the riverIsland.com site and click on create an account. Next, enter your email, name, and number.

Where can I redeem my River Island gift cards?

It offers cards at offline and online stores in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

How can I find the size of clothes on a river island?

You can click on the size button displayed on each product page to know about size availability. However, the company has created a size guide page on their website that you can see.

How will the discount be applied to my river island orders?

If you are in the UK the discount will be applied after entering your promotional code. But, on international orders address is required for availing of discounts and promotions.