Rite Aid Senior Discount

This article has you covered all the information you need about what a senior discount is and how it works at Rite aid. The general idea of the senior discount at Rite Aid is that senior citizens (those over the age of 65) get a 20% discount on certain products at Rite Aid. However, there is more to it. Keep reading to get the details!

About Rite aid

Rite Aid is a health and wellness store functioning since 1962. The company provides exceptional products and services concerning health and wellness. Everything you need to invest in a healthy living and future is what Rite aid vouches for. 

Starting as a simple discount thrift center, the company grew to have multiple stores across the country and today provides innumerable services and products. 

A few of their products include medicines, other pharmaceuticals, vitamins, other supplements, house, school, and office supplies, and more. They also have personal and beauty care products and also a range of products for babies. 

Does Rite aid have a senior discount?

Remember how it was mentioned that even your age can get you a discount? That’s right, stores like Rite Aid have a senior discount for senior citizens. You may have heard of senior citizens getting perks, pensions, and more. However, a senior discount seems like a new topic. 

Before you get to Rite Aid’s discount, it is crucial to understand why and how a senior discount works. 

A senior discount is a specially initiated discount for senior citizens. You got that right, if you’re over 65 years or around that age group, you are entitled to a senior discount if it works under a store’s policy. The main idea of a senior discount is to offer aid to senior citizens who are possibly retired and have no steady source of income. 

Another aim is to promote savings for senior citizens and ensure they get their products without any financial trouble. It is as simple as having a membership with the AMAC or showing some proof to avail of the discount.

What is Rite Aid’s senior discount?

Coming to Rite Aid’s senior discount, the basic requirements are more or less the same. Being a company dealing in health services, it is assumed that senior citizens would regularly need its services. Therefore, Rite Aid has come up with this discount so that aged adults do not go broke over something that is their right: their health. 

The company offers a 20% discount on products as the senior discount. In addition, there are also other discounts and offers for senior citizens that frequently change.


The simple rule is that you have to be 65 years or above. All citizens are claimed as seniors when they reach the age of 65 and Rite Aid follows the same process. If you’re 65 and above, that is all you need to avail the senior discount.

Note that, if you wish to avail other senior offers and rewards from Rite Aid, you need to be part of the Rite Aid Reward program. 

Terms and Conditions 

Here are a few things you need to know about the Rite Aid senior discount:

It applies only to those who are of 65 years and above Seniors need to show some verification of their age to avail of the senior discount This discount is applicable only in-stores and not on the website Senior citizens can utilize this discount as much as they like provided they show verification of their senior status 


There are no exceptions to this discount per se, but Rite Aid has certain exceptions to their other senior rewards:

Rite Aid senior discount 5x 

Rite Aid is offering another senior discount of 5x points. This is slightly different from the regular senior discount. The deal is that you earn up to 5 points on the purchase of a product as a senior citizen which can later be deemed for purchases or rewards. However, the deal is that you need 3 major requirements: 

You need to be 65 years and above You need to be enrolled in the Rite Aid rewards 65+ program to avail the benefits This discount is applicable only on the first Wednesday of the month.  


That is pretty much it. A 20% discount anytime you need as long as you can show proof of being over 65 years is what Rite Aid’s senior discount is all about. Their discount is on almost all products unless exclusively mentioned otherwise. Their 5x point exclusive senior discount is also great but you need to have a Rite Aid’s reward account. Feel free to avail these perks if you’re a senior citizen, don’t be shy! 

What are other perks offered for senior citizens at Rite Aid?

Other perks offered for senior citizens at Rite Aid are free consultation for senior citizens who are members of Rite Aid rewards 65+. These include reviews of medication, immunization, blood pressure checks, and more

Is the senior discount applicable anytime at Rite Aid? 

Yes. The 20% is applicable at any Rite Aid store anytime as long as you can show proof of your age. However, there may be a change or temporary pause of the same if required by the store. 

How can I verify my status as a senior citizen?

You may verify your senior citizen status with any of your senior citizen cards, memberships, or even any official documents containing your age or DOB.

Does Rite Aid provide a senior discount on pharmaceutical products? 

Yes! The Rite Aid senior discount is applicable on all products including pharmaceutical products like medicines, supplements, healthcare and more.