After the arrival of the landscape-destroying meteor, the extremely high-traffic new Dusty Divot area, with its anti-gravity Hop Rock items, is currently the hot place to land, and that’s exactly why you should avoid it if you want to make it to the top 10 of a match.

Everyone is landing at Dusty Divot and getting gunned down immediately as far too many eager players crowd into far too small of a location with far too few resources to go around.

Cautious and smart players will pick an alternate landing spot to find loot and harvest resources before descending on the Dusty Divot killing fields. Risky Reels is exactly the kind of location where you want to land now, featuring the drive-in theater area demolished in the Season 4 teaser video.

      Risky Reels Location

Risky Reels Landing Guide

This is currently the ultimate Fortnite landing location, as it is resource-rich, has plenty of places to take cover, and will have far fewer players to compete for those resources in the early game.

While skydiving from the Battle Bus, keep an eye out for other plummeting players. If several others hit the interior of Risky Reels, aim for the outside since you will be at a disadvantage in an immediate firefight if you land last.

The buildings outside Risky Reels are great for searching for floor loot, but the real goods are found by heading inside the drive-in theater area and weaving through the car maze.

Although there are far fewer of them here overall, Risky Reels does also include the brand-new Fortnite Hop Rock items that give you low-gravity jumping ability. These tend to be found inside the drive-in area itself, scattered on the ground around the cars.

As with the Hop Rocks at Dusty Divot, the anti-gravity boost lasts for 30 seconds and lets you leap much higher in the air. While this grants increased mobility for hanging out on top of freight trucks or building roofs, it also leaves you quite vulnerable in the air to anyone scanning the skies for flying enemies. Be on the lookout for ground-based players to snipe up at you!

 Grabbing a gold chest in the back of a car at Risky Reels

After properly gearing up in Risky Reels, a very solid strategy is to make your way through the high-cover tree areas of Wailing Woods, then hook southwest through Tomato Town on your trek towards Dusty Divot as the storm closes in.

Tomato Town features plenty of areas in which to take cover and resupply as necessary, while avoiding the majority of the firefights that will be brewing across the map as the storm shrinks the play area. By the time you hit Dusty Divot, you will probably be in the top 20 by default and have plenty of resources for building a fort or a sniping nest up in the sky.

From there, it’s just down to skill and the luck of the draw as the final players duke it out around Retail Row, Dusty Divot, and Salty Springs.

 Scoping out Risky Reels from the outside

Where’s your favorite spot to land in Fortnite’s revamped Season 4 map, and do you have any great Risky Reels strategies we should try out?

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