Though Risk of Rain Returns will remain “a 2D multiplayer action platformer with roguelike elements,” according to the developers, HD pixel art will replace the old assets, and fans can expect to hear new tunes – alongside unspecified, enhanced original tracks – from composer Chris Christodoulou. 

Hopoo also confirmed that there will be new enemies to fight, new weapons to wield (“some returning from RoR2”), new items to interact with, and new “stage variants” to shoot, blast, and slash your way through. Perhaps most exciting is the inclusion of 15 survivors, two of which are new, and the additional abilities and items that unlock new gameplay possibilities and potential loadouts. 

As has been the case across the franchise, Risk of Rain Returns will still allow you to play alone or with a group of friends. The remake will have integrated Steam multiplayer at launch, and 1-4 players will be possible both online and via a single system on Nintendo Switch per the game’s eShop listing. Additionally, a new code base will be implemented, something for returning Risk of Rain players to be aware of. 

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Risk of Rain Returns, but Gearbox and Hopoo released a swanky new trailer alongside the announcement, which can be seen above. The game can be wishlisted both on Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

Featured image via Hopoo Games.