The Skills 2.0 update arrived on PC in September, and with it came the Siren’s Call stage, skill variants for skill loadout customization, skins, new items, and the Loader survivor, who’s a punching powerhouse.

In just a few days, players on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One will get access to the update’s many new features that may or may not have added an extra 60 hours to my personal playtime already.

The Loader may seem like the most exciting addition to Risk of Rain 2 in this update, but the real boon is the inclusion of skill variants.

Risk of Rain 2’s skill variants are unlocked by completing special challenges for a survivor. Once completed, players can see the ‘Loadout’ button in character select. Players will then be able to swap their base skills for their alternative counterparts.

The new stage with the update, Siren’s Call, is one I’ve come to hate as an alternative to Abyssal Depths thanks to the stage’s alloy vultures and the bosses that come with them. If you have trouble finding the teleporter on Abyssal Depths, though, this addition may be very welcome.

If you’re on PC, though, you should still have something to look forward to. The Early Access forecast for Risk of Rain 2 makes mention of a December update including a new survivor, hidden realms, bosses, and items. There’s no official word on its release date yet, though Hopoo’s track record thus far gives hope it will be released on time.

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