150,000 of those players took advantage of a special gifting offer where purchasing the Early Access version granted them a free copy of the game to gift to a friend.

In a blog post responding to the success, the Hopoo Games Team said the number of players surpassed all expectations. The whole team was

Risk of Rain 2 was first unveiled during Gearbox Entertainment’s PAX East 2019 presentation, with Hopoo Games being one of its new indie publishing partners.

Like with all Early Access games, this is a formative period for Risk of Rain 2. 

Moving forward, customer service is an area Hopoo wishes to improve. With the unexpected response to the game, some users’ inquiries and problems are getting lost in the system, and Hopoo is keen to point out that it doesn’t mean players are being ignored.

In fact, the developers are actively encouraging player feedback on all areas to help further improve the experience in the future.

Some specific areas Hopoo wants to focus on for the future is how players are progressing through the game — how long it takes to unlock the difficult items and whether progressing through unlock is too fast.

The team has already implemented a wide variety of changes based on that feedback with a patch that released April 3. But much like with Respawn’s philosophy of updates, Hopoo is currently determining how best to support Risk of Rain 2 in the future, either through regular small updates or being content overhauls.

Those interested in keeping up with the game’s progress can join its Discord channel