The new biome is super cool, but our focus here is on unlocking Rex, the newest addition to the Risk of Rain 2 roster. Rex is a little different, but a new character is a new character.

There are three basic steps to unlocking Rex:

Grab the Fuel Array Don’t take too much damage Reach Abyssal Depths and find him

Of course, there are some things to know.

Where to Grab the Fuel Array

The Fuel Array should be the very first item you grab if you’re trying to add Rex to your roster.

Check out the back of your Escape Pod and you should find a panel. Open the panel to reveal the Fuel Array, then grab it to take with you.

The Fuel Array takes up your use item slot and has no function on its own, making it effective dead weight while you’re on the way to the Abyssal Depths.

Don’t Take Too Much Damage

No, for real. Don’t.

Taking too much damage will cause the Fuel Array to explode and kill you.

This also counts when using Blood Shrines, so steer clear of those when holding the Fuel Array as they will probably kill you instantly.

Find Rex in the Abyssal Depths

Rex is a hard bot to find, I’ll give him that.

It’s in your best interest to focus on finding Rex before you really do anything else in the Abyssal Depths, which can be a task even if you’re loading in there around the 11- to 15-minute mark.

I died my first time trying to get to Rex and conveniently forgot to grab the Fuel Array on restart, so I actually made my way to Rex… without the Array. I’m very clever, clearly.

Here are a few shots of him from that shameful run at varying angles and distances so you know what to look for.

Rex can be found nearly anywhere in the level, including the overhead platforms, which is where the above shots were taken). You may have to go over the entire stage before you’ll find him — I know I did both times.

Once you reach him with the Fuel Array, you can repair the robot and receive the Power Plant achievement, which unlocks Rex for future playthroughs. Congratulations and good luck on future runs with this crabby boy!

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