The Risk of Rain 2 anniversary update brings the rootin’ tootin’ Bandit to the roster, the survivor being a fan-favorite from the first game with his crit-heavy boomstick. That’s not all today’s update brings; a chunk of new items and quality of life changes make it less of a risk of rain and more of a “make it rain” situation.

Two new Lunar Items and Boss Items have been added in this update, along with a new boss and a new type of elite. It seems the lore entries have finally been finished as well, adding some flavor as seen in the first game. A handful of items have been rebalanced or reworked, making some items more (or less) viable. Mostly more viable.

Some of the most exciting changes don’t have to do with the items or characters at all, but instead with drones and other player minions like the Squid Polyp and the ghosts that spawn from Happiest Mask.

Now minions will disappear and teleport to the player when they are separated by 400 meters, and they will now scale with time-based difficulty. This means they’ll no longer be utterly useless once you reach a certain point, and that is a huge deal.

No matter how you play or what survivors you like best, there’s something to love in the Risk of Rain 2 anniversary update. Check out the full patch notes on Steam, and console players sit tight: you’ll be getting the update soon enough.

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