Master Rishi Nitypragya was prominently known as the overseer of the establishment named The Art of Living. Besides, he used to prepare the instructors and volunteers of the establishment.

The Art of Living Foundation is the biggest volunteer-based non-benefit NGO on the planet, established by his Holiness, Gurudev, Sri Ravi Shankarji.

The establishment has contacted the existences of in excess of 55 million individuals over the world in relationship with the UN and the WHO. It has more than 5000 focuses and is dynamic in 156 nations.

Rishi Nitya Pragya Ji, an otherworldly master doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile. In spite of his commitments, he hasn’t been covered on the authority site.

The Art of Living chief, Rishi Nityapragya was a holly master. He was additionally a melodic craftsman; known for his holly music collections. Nityapragya Ji has distributed various holly tunes like Jai Jia Radha Raman, Sunder Kanha (2008), Hari Sunder Nanda Mukunda (2008), Guru (2012), and that’s just the beginning.

Rishi Ji was a Chemical Engineering graduate. He used to accept that society molding to us can’t be the reason forever.

Prior, Nityapragya Ji was utilized to a way of life with doings gigs in melodic groups and partial to quick trekking. Nonetheless, his quest for the importance of everyday routine took him to the Art of Experiencing course.

Then, at that point, Rishi Nityapragya met master Sri Ravi Shankarji at 21 years old. He was acquainted with undiscovered, neglected repository energy inside, during the Advanced Course.

The genuine name of Rishi Nityapragya is Nitin Limaye. He was born in Gujarat, India.

Afterward, Nitin Limaye changed his name to Rishni Nityapragya after he committed himself as an otherworldly master.

The name Rishi signifies ‘A supernaturally propelled writer or holy person’ in a Sanskirt. While, Nitya signifies ‘Ever’ and Praya signifies ‘Alert”. That is the means by which the name Rishi Nityapragya was framed.  The otherworldly master who consistently spreads a positive ‘ENERGY’ among individuals; he is not any more in this world.

The Art of Living establishment shared the pitiful news through their authority Facebook handle on Monday, 27 December 2021.

The Art of Living-Amristar composed, ” A Soul decides to take a body, and walk this Earth, and one day a spirit decides to drop this body again and proceed with its excursion… ”

The subtleties on Rishi Nitypragya’s passing haven’t been uncovered up until this point. The Art of Living establishment is yet to affirm his reason for death.

The explosive Rishi Nityapragya Ji will be remembered fondly by us all. His inheritance will be perpetually proceeded.

We are sad to hear the end of the otherworldly master Rishi Nitya Pragya Ji. May his withdrew soul Rest in Peace in Heaven.