Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, the flagship attraction of Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort, finally opens this week. The delayed experience makes its debut on the East Coast on December 5, 2019 before also opening at Disneyland Park in California on January 17, 2020 and we’re here to join the resistance.

Before opening its hangar bay doors to the public, Screen Rant was invited to return to planet Batuu to explore Galaxy’s Edge once again, meet with Disney Imagineers, and experience Rise of the Resistance and all it has to offer. Before we share our impressions of the ambitious Disney Parks undertaking, we have official first look photos to share of what guests will see as they’re finally able to walk past the giant turret on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost on Batuu to the Resistance’s temporary encampment.

From here, potential Resistance recruits follow a a pathway into the forest, passing cliffs, stone walls, and the remains of an ancient civilization until being escorted into a briefing room where they’ll meet a hologram of Star Wars hero Rey (Daisy Ridley) and BB-8 who reveal the plan to meet up with General Leia Organa at a secretive off-planet location.

From there, guests exit past Poe Dameron’s iconic Black One custom painted X-Wing starfighter and board an Intersystem Transport Ship (I-TS) commanded by new character Lieutenant Bek - a Mon Calamari Resistance officer.

Once inside, Bek and familiar Resistance hero Nien Nunb fly you out of Batuu’s atmosphere with the help of Poe and a pair of other X-Wing pilots until unexpected company tractor beams your vessel. It’s the First Order and now you’re on a Star Destroyer greeted by a legion of Stormtroopers and Officers played by cast members…

From there, guests (labeled spies) can expect all sorts of surprises as they attempt to escape, a few familiar vehicles, characters, and more. And the best part is that once you’re in there’s no line. The queue system is part of the complex attraction that feature multiple unique sections.

Stars Daisy Ridley (Rey), Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) and Domhnall Gleeson (General Hux) reprise their iconic roles, having shot scenes for Rise of the Resistance while filming Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

If you don’t mind spoilers and want to see it in action, below is a video stitching together the six segments of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance so you can see much of it in action, including the trackless ride vehicles and simulated drop.

Stay tuned for our impressions of Rise of the Resistance and more information on the future of Galaxy’s Edge throughout the week.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

It is a dark time for the RESISTANCE. Following the devastating Battle of Crait, the freedom fighters have fled with General Leia Organa to an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, hunted by the FIRST ORDER and Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, a band of Resistance supporters has established a temporary outpost on the remote planet of Batuu, thanks to scouting by Resistance spy Vi Moradi.

Here on the Outer Rim, the Resistance is rebuilding and searching for recruits to join the cause and help save the galaxy from tyranny …

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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opens Dec. 5, 2019, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and at Disneyland Park in California on Jan. 17, 2020.

  • Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Release Date: 2019-12-20