New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker images showcase characters and moments from the upcoming film, including the full sequel trilogy team working together. As difficult as it is to believe, the trio of Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron have yet to share the screen and embark on a mission as a group. Finn’s had his own individual adventures with his friends in the previous two installments, but The Rise of Skywalker is the first time the main three will be a team. That’s one of the more anticipated elements of the movie, as fans are excited to see how the characters play off each other.

Audiences have gotten glimpses of the three together in most of the Rise of Skywalker marketing materials, including the recently-released final trailer. With just about a month remaining until the film’s release, Disney is continuing to ramp up their promotional efforts, increasing the already high levels of hype for the movie. Knowing that people can’t wait to see Rey, Finn, and Poe working in tandem, that remains an integral component of advertising with the debut of new still images.

Appearing in EW is a gallery of fresh images (arriving hot on the heels of yesterday’s photo showing Poe piloting the Millennium Falcon). Check them out in the space below. One new image featuring Rey, Finn, Chewie, and Poe can be seen above.

While fans will surely appreciate getting another look at The Rise of Skywalker, nothing in the new images is particularly eye-catching. This continues Disney’s marketing strategy of being extremely secretive during the campaign, keeping key plot details closely guarded. On one hand, that approach is appreciated, since audiences are planning on flocking to the theater to see Rise of Skywalker in December. There’s no real need to spoil any specific narrative threads, instead painting much broader strokes of what’s in store. At the same time, some viewers have expressed frustration with Star Wars 9 promotion, claiming the final trailer is the weakest since it doesn’t reveal anything new and plays up J.J. Abrams’ infamous mystery box. Hopefully, there’s a good reason for Disney’s methods, and this isn’t all smoke and mirrors.

Of this bunch, one of the more interesting photos is that of Rey facing off against a training remote on a jungle planet. Recently, it came out the original Star Wars 9 plan called for General Leia to be revealed as the last Jedi, but obviously those plans changed following Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing. Though Abrams and company needed to revise the story for The Rise of Skywalker, he implemented enough of original director Colin Trevorrow’s ideas for Trevorrow to earn credit on the final film. Perhaps Leia is serving as a mentor for Rey as the young scavenger trains and grows in her abilities. That wouldn’t make Leia a Jedi, but could still be Abrams’ way of adapting what Trevorrow had in mind.

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Source: EW

  • Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Release Date: 2019-12-20