The Rise of Skywalker is now just days away from release, and fans are eagerly counting down until the last Star Wars movie as we know it. We’ve had two solid outings for the franchise so far in the forms of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and now it’s time for Disney to give us a satisfying conclusion to the stories of both Rey and Kylo Ren.

But, what moments have helped shape the newest Star Wars trilogy? We now take a look at the 10 most important moments from the sequels, starting with the very first shot of TFA.

Poe Hides The Map

The new Star Wars story starts on the planet of Jakku, a harsh and desolate world not too unlike Tatooine from the original trilogy. We’re introduced to Poe Dameron, who is talking to a man named Lor San Tekka about a map that leads to Luke Skywalker who, following the creation of the First Order, has disappeared.

Poe hides the map to Luke inside BB-8 when the First Order arrive and that act paves the way for the movie to be about obtaining it. During this scene, it’s also established that Kylo Ren is the villain of the saga and keen to get the map himself. Why? They’re reasons we’re only told later…

Rey And Finn Meet Han Solo And Chewbacca

A little while later on in The Force Awakens, we’re introduced to the characters of Rey and Finn. They unite on Jakku following the former’s decision to get into cahoots with a BB-8 unit, while Finn has just ditched the First Order at this point. And, after successfully getting off the planet, they encounter Han Solo and Chewbacca.

There were audible cheers in theatres across the world when Han and Chewbacca popped up on screen but their appearance is more than just fan service. They evolve the story by taking their new friends to Takodana to meet Maz Kanata, all while filling them in about Luke Skywalker and the force.

The Vision

One of the most intriguing moments from The Force Awakens—and one that is yet to be fully explained ahead of The Rise of Skywalker —is when Rey touches the Skywalker lightsaber while on Takodana. After hearing it ‘calling to her,’ she’s unable to avoid temptation and immediately sees images of Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, the Knights of Ren as well as a younger version of herself.

What does it all mean? We’re yet to find out. However, we’re expecting some answers later this month and it all feels rather significant. Was it showing her the past or the future?

Kylo Ren Kills Han Solo

Earlier in the movie, it’s revealed that Kylo Ren, the villain of the series so intent on hunting down Luke Skywalker, is actually the son of Rebel Alliance hero Han Solo. Lured to the dark side by Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo—real name Ben Solo—is given the job of murdering his father.

At first, he’s hesitant, but he then decides to impale his father, all while Han heartbreakingly strokes his face. It’s a sad moment, but a huge turning point for Kylo. Before he’d seemed like a child, but now he seems very much the bad guy. Not even Darth Vader crossed the line of killing any of his own family…

Rey Defeats Kylo Ren

Fuelled by rage following the death of Han Solo and having just seen Finn have his back sliced up, Rey decides to engage Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat. At first, you don’t give her a shot but, in a dramatic twist, the Skywalker lightsaber snubs Kylo in order to go to the former Jakku scavenger instead.

She then proceeds to defeat her enemy, leaving Ben Solo injured while Starkiller Base is destroyed all around them. It’s a significant moment in Rey’s story that she emerges victorious in her first-ever lightsaber fight, especially without having any training. It also shows that Kylo may not be as strong as he originally thinks, leading to more insecurity and uncertainty within the character.

Rey Meets Luke Skywalker

At the end of the movie, we finally get our first glimpse of Luke Skywalker since he’d defeated Darth Vader and sparked the end of the Empire during 1983’s Return of the Jedi. Finally, after a whole movie of trying to track down the Jedi Knight, there he was.

It’s Rey, Chewbacca, and R2D2 who make the trip to meet Luke on the planet of Ach’ To. Most of the details surrounding his disappearance would be explained later and, though Skywalker would be extremely different to how he was when we last met him all those years ago, it was still a huge moment for fans.

Kylo Ren And Rey Speak

Throughout The Last Jedi, force connections are a big theme. It’s established that both Kylo Ren and Rey, despite sitting on opposite sides of the galactic fence, are able to communicate with each other even when they’re in totally different locations.

This was a significant moment because it showed that the duo’s relationship is far more than just your average good guy and bad guy. It’s probably best to describe it as ‘it’s complicated’ given how some of the details surrounding it are a bit up in the air. Supreme Leader Snoke claimed he’d bridged their minds together, but we’re not entirely sure. If that’s true, why does it still exist after his death? We need answers! But the decision to have Kylo and Rey regularly talk has helped make their relationship arguably the best thing about the newer Star Wars films.

Kylo Ren Kills Snoke

We thought it was 1983 all over again when Rey travels to confront Supreme Leader Snoke in the hope that she’ll be able to convince Ben Solo to shed the name of Kylo Ren and come back to the light side. That looks to be on the cards when, in a massive twist, Snoke is chopped down by his apprentice - something he didn’t foresee whatsoever.

But this is where a second twist lies in store. You think that an alliance between the two is on the cards but it isn’t, with Rey flatly refusing to join. It’s also where it’s revealed that Daisy Ridley’s character is a ’nobody’ and her parents ‘sold her off for drinking money.’ Somehow, we can’t see that staying the case…

Luke Skywalker’s Trickery

With the Resistance being penned in on the planet of Crait, all hope for the Resistance looks lost—particularly with Supreme Leader Ren determined to get to them. However, that’s when Luke Skywalker comes in. After initially refusing to train Rey and turning his back on his friends in their hour of need, the Jedi decides to turn up when it really counts

He force projects himself from the sanctuary of Ach’To, sacrificing himself in the process. It shows that he’s the best of the best after all and also gives Kylo Ren a much-needed reality check. It’s clear from this showdown that, while he may rule the First Order, he has much to learn.

The Resistance Lives On

The final shot from The Last Jedi shows what’s left of the Resistance on board the Millennium Falcon. It’s clear that the events of the movie have left their resources depleted, with their size minuscule in comparison to the villainous First Order.

While this isn’t the most-impactful of shots, it does set things up nicely for The Rise of Skywalker. Just how are they going to win with such small numbers? Especially with Palpatine now back in the picture? That’s something we’ll be finding out really, really soon.