Ripper Street’s season 5 finale may have been a melancholy ending, but it was the perfect way to round out the story. Jack the Ripper is a real-life, still unidentified serial killer from 19th century London who has long fascinated filmmakers. Jack is known to have murdered at least five women - and possibly more - in 1888 and viciously mutilated their bodies. There are countless theories as to the killer’s identity, and Jack the Ripper has been the subject of movies like From Hell, Jack’s Back and even animated feature Batman: Gotham By Gaslight.

Ripper Street was stellar entertainment across the board, from the performances through to the screenwriting and production design. Given the nature of the material, it was also quite gory and wasn’t a show for the faint of heart. Ripper Street season 5 takes place in the immediate aftermath of the last season, where Drake was killed during a confrontation with the cannibalistic serial killer the ‘Whitechapel Golem,’ played by Jonas Armstrong (Edge Of Tomorrow). The team came to learn the Golem is really Nathaniel, the secret brother of corrupt Assistant Commissioner Dove.

Ripper Street season 5 saw Reid and Jackson work together to expose Dove’s actions and avenge Drake’s death. While fans probably expected it wouldn’t end on an upbeat note, the finale “Occurrence Reports” was still a heavy watch. The episode wasted no time tying up loose ends, with Dove found guilty of murdering young Robin Sumner and a cover-up found him sent to prison under an assumed name. His brother was sentenced to hang, as was Long Susan (MyAnna Buring, The Descent), for her past crimes.

Jackson departed for America with their son Connor, though it’s later revealed he died after helping save two girls from drowning. Ripper Street’s season 5 finale sees Reid literally back where he started, where new information suggests Jack the Ripper has started killing again. His pregnant daughter Mathilda leaves to start a new life but instead of following her, Reid stays behind and comforts himself with the letters she sends. Reid can’t move past the Ripper case so the show ends with him in his office reading occurrence reports. It’s certainly not a happy ending, but Ripper Street tied off most of its loose ends - aside from the case that was obviously never solved in reality. It was a melancholy way to say goodbye, but it was also kind of a perfect ending too.

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