Here’s how Jerome Flynn’s character Bennett Drake departed Ripper Street during season 4. Jerome Flynn has had an interesting journey as an actor. He started his career with guest roles on British shows like Boon and Casualty before his first big break came with TV show Soldier Soldier, which followed the lives of a group of soldiers in the British Army. He shared good chemistry with co-star Robson Green (Strike Back), and the duo became unlikely pop sensations when they sang “Unchained Melody” during one episode. Their rendition proved so popular music producer Simon Cowell (American Idol) convinced them to record it as a single.

The song went to number one in the UK for weeks in 1995 and Robson & Jerome would stay together as a music duo for a couple of years, recording many cover songs before splitting. Flynn went on to star in short-lived series Badger before taking a break from acting for nearly a decade. His comeback was a role in the first season of Game Of Thrones, HBO’s fantasy drama that quickly became one of the biggest shows of all time. He played Bronn on Game Of Thrones, a sellsword who befriends Tyrion and the character became a real fan-favorite.

Flynn’s Drake was a flawed, troubled character on Ripper Street, but for fans, he came to represent the heart of the show. That came to an end with Ripper Street season 4, where Drake and Reid investigate killings committed by the ‘Whitechapel Golem,’ a serial killer who bites victims to death. In the season 4 finale, they come to learn the corrupt Assistant Commissioner Dove has a secret brother named Nathaniel (Jonas Armstrong, Edge Of Tomorrow) and he’s the killer. In the final scenes, the team is chasing Nathaniel through some tunnels, with Drake coming to blows with the serial killer.

Ripper Street season 4 proves there are no happy endings on the show, and after a vicious fight, Drake is bitten on the neck by Nathaniel. The killer flees while Reid rushes to help his wounded friend, but Drake quickly dies from his wounds. This set up a suitably dramatic final season, with Reid determined to take down Dove and his brother in revenge. It was sad to see Jerome Flynn leave, though he would return for flashbacks in Ripper Street’s final episode “Occurrence Reports.”

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