Get Started with MakeMKV

First, download and install MakeMKV – currently in the Beta development stage. Installation is straightforward, following the wizard defaults.

Launch MakeMKV after installing. Then pop a DVD into your system’s drive.

MakeMKV analyzes and reads the DVD information.

Next, click the button to open the DVD.

The system reads the DVD and processes titles and chapters.

Select which chapters, subtitles, and audio configurations you want to be included.

Choose an Output folder for the MKV file. By default, it’s the C:/Videos directory. Click Make MKV. If you don’t select a subdirectory, MakeMKV will create it for you. Click Yes.

The process of converting the DVD to MKV starts. The amount of time it takes will vary based on the size of the DVD and which extra chapters and features you selected.

Success. In my example, the conversion process took under 20 minutes. Click OK.

Go to the output directory, and you’ll find your MKV file. I selected to include the whole DVD with extras, so the file size is just under 6GB. A quality full DVD converted to a single MKV file in under 20 minutes is great. Now you can store it on an external drive or network location for viewing later.

Play the movie through any media player that supports MKV playback. My favorite is VLC.

Pop out your DVD and put in the next one, and follow the same steps. This is the easiest way to rip a DVD to MKV I’ve found yet. Check out our article if you want to convert your DVDs to ISO images for backup. Comment