Some of the issues addressed in the post are Assassin damage, their survivability, and their usefulness to the team as a whole. Riot poster, Statikk, reassures players that they want the gameplay of Assassins to be healthy – giving both sides, attacker and victim, chances to outplay one another. These small windows will allow for player skill to shine, as opposed to people feeling helpless when going up against one another.

There was not a time table given for release of this update; however, Riot did provide a loose list of champions they’d would like to address with this class adjustment. Those champions are as follow:

Akali Ekko Evelyn Fizz Kassadin Katarina Kha’Zix LeBlanc Rengar Shaco Talon Zed

This list was reiterated to not be a definitive list, but to be used as a guideline for potential updates.

Which champions would you like to see tweaked or overhauled with this class adjustment pass?