Before we distinguish Blink and Ring, we would address their common areas. Understanding their similarities can help with your decision between the two. For starters, both Blink and Ring do not require contracts. There is no long-term commitment and you can choose to opt-out of the subscription at any time and without extra fees. Secondly, both Blink and Ring are easy to install. It should take at least an hour to set it up if you follow the right process. Thirdly, both systems provide remote connectivity through mobile applications. These apps allow you to watch your homes anytime anywhere. Both cameras can spot a problem, record the issue and alert you through the app. They also include speakers and so live communication is possible. 


Although Blink and Ring have some things in common, there are some variants between them. Blink has a 30-day money-back policy on its cameras that lets you have a refund within the stipulated time. This improves their customer policy. Ring, however, does not have a refund policy. Though self-monitoring is possible on both Blink and Ring, only Ring has 24/7 professional monitoring. Another difference between Blink and Ring is their power supply. The Blink Mini requires an outlet, unlike other wireless cameras. Ring has battery-powered cameras that last up to a year. You can even switch power modes on some Ring cameras. Finally, only Blink has local storage of up to 256 GB. Both companies generally include cloud storage subscriptions.

Both companies offer high-end quality and affordable cameras which are convenient. But, to make a decision, you will have to determine your specific needs and requirements in your home. Blink is more inexpensive than Ring and it provides more compact devices. Ring has more advanced camera features including the ability to differentiate people from other sources of motion. This prevents false alarms, a downside that is common in home security systems. If you already have existing security systems, Ring would be a better option but if you are about to incorporate your first security system, Blink is a better and more affordable option.

Can I get Blink and Ring together?

Yes, you can if both devices are connected to Alexa. But, Blink cameras cannot operate with Ring. They can however be used in the same location but concurrently and they should be formatted with different applications.

Can Ring function without Wi-Fi?

The answer to this question depends on the Ring product. The ring video doorbells will work as normal doorbells without Wi-Fi but the other features are inaccessible. Ring Alarm will function because of its cellular backup case but this is only available for Ring Protect Plus subscribers. Ring Smart Lights cannot be controlled without Wi-Fi and Ring security cameras do not work without Wi-Fi.

What is Arlo?

Arlo is another brand that is usually compared to Blink and Ring. Arlo primarily specializes in wire-free home security. It has battery-powered security cameras that come in HD and 4K. It also has other home security accessories.