Ring, the company behind the popular video doorbells, has announced its latest product, a security system called “Ring Protect”. The new product will go head to head with Nest’s new “Secure” system, although Ring has priced its new product significantly below Nest.

In a blog post, Ring shared details about its newest product. Ring Protect is based on the same idea as the Nest Protect, offering an effective, easy to install and use modern security system. Here’s how the company describes this security system:

Ring will be offering an optional $10/month or $100/year (no contract) monitoring service that includes unlimited camera storage.

The company is selling a bundle pack to get started for $199 that includes a keypad, base station, one door/window sensor, passive infrared sensor and Z-wave extender. While the Nest Secure starter kit includes one more sensor and two key fob style alarm keys, it also comes in $300 more than Ring’s offering at $499. And unfortunately, neither Ring nor Nest’s security systems offer HomeKit support for now (Ring Protect ships with Zigbee and Z-wave support).

The company also highlights, like Nest, that integrating Ring Protect with its security cameras and other products gives users an even better experience. And just like Nest’s Secure, Ring Protect is available for pre-order now, and will ship in November.

As for customizing Ring Protect for your home, additional door/window sensors come in at $20, motion detectors at $30, and the company’s range extender is $25. You can find these individual prices on Ring’s website below its video doorbells and security cameras.