EFF was damning in its indictment of Ring for this breach, claiming that “Ring has exhibited a pattern of behavior that attempts to mitigate exposure to criticism and scrutiny while benefiting from the wide array of customer data available to them”.  Perhaps the most disturbing revelation is that Ring sends this information to Facebook even if you don’t actually have a Facebook account. Through the Ring Android app, Facebook can find out what device you’re using, your time zone, language settings, and even the resolution of your screen. This kind of data is invaluable to marketing agencies, who can use it to target adverts and offers at specific individuals based on their habits. For example, if an ad agency knows that your phone is three years old, they can target ads for the latest smartphones at you. Smart home security systems are increasingly popular, but there are options out there for consumers worried about these data collection concerns. Check out our best DIY home security systems (opens in new tab) or best wireless security camera (opens in new tab) guides here to see what options are out there. 

Ring is sharing your data with Facebook... even if you don t have a Facebook account - 8