The Ring floodlight camera is an expensive product, and the camera detects motion. It includes the alarm security system. The camera is controlled by their app and can be controlled by a voice recognition system. Like Siri and Alexa. The mounting of the floodlight depends upon you, in which place you want the camera to be placed. If you want to mount it vertically anywhere on the wall, it is simple to do; just stick it to the wall and connect the wire to your existing socket, and the camera is ready to use. However, if you want to mount it on a ceiling, you must follow the instructions below. It can be mounted on ceilings or upside down on soffits, but it is designed to be upside down or on a slanted surface. 


The device is compatible with home devices like Wink, Kevo, Lockitron, and ADT Pulse. Although you can mount it horizontally, on ceilings, upside down, and also on the soffit, the only thing you need to keep in mind is that wherever you are placing your camera, the view should be sufficiently clear so that you must install it at an angle from where you can see the things.

On Eaves:

To mount this ring, the possible locations are soffits, awnings, and eaves. For mounting, you must choose a suitable location. The location should be dry because when it rains the surface gets wet, which causes damage to your product. So, you must be careful when choosing a place. The place you are choosing must have the connection because it requires a wiring connection and you may require an electrician for this process.

On Ceiling:

Mounting a camera on the ceiling is a bit difficult as it brings lots of difficulties and challenges. The common problem is weight. Though the camera is not that heavy, you must consider whether the location of the mounting is correct. Your ceiling should be made of drywall, and you may be required to get some drywall anchors so that the cameras will be fixed properly and there should be no chance of falling. The wiring is good when we choose this mounting option.

If you mount your camera, the angle may be the issue because getting the exact right angle in every mounting option is not appropriate. If the camera has an angle that is shallow and has the whole part of the angle, then there may be some reduction in the viewfield.

If you want to follow some unconventional method to rotate the camera at a certain angle, then you must check that you have enough wires so that it is easy to rotate the camera. You need to unscrew the screw and rotate your camera to a certain degree, and then tighten the screws. This will allow you to get the reverse angle of the camera.

Things to remember:

• If you follow the unconventional way, then you must be aware that it will affect your warranty on the camera because this change is termed as against the policies.

• When you mount this, then it must be a dry place because when it rains, the camera gets wet and will result in damage to the camera or cause a fault in the electric system.

• When you install the floodlight camera, then locate it in the place where you have a socket because the camera needs to be powered up and for this, you require the wiring to the ceiling or other location. For this, you should contact the electrician. They will easily let you know the correct place for your camera.

So, there are some options that you can follow to mount the light. either vertical or horizontal. Although the vertical option is much easier as compared to the other option, the only thing to remember about the vertical is that you must place it in the place where you have the wiring connection, but it is a very simple and easy option to mount the light camera. Horizontal is a little more difficult, but it depends on the location where you want to place it. It is a very good option for security purposes, but it is a bit expensive.

Q.1: Can I control the lights on the camera?

A.1: You can control the lights manually from their app. Although when the lights get on at night, the camera will automatically detect its motion & you can control it from any place till it is connected to the wifi.

Q.2: How long does it work?

A.2: It can work for a long time till you want it. You can schedule its motion for a specific time.