To many, Ring is more likely to be known as a video doorbell company. Ring offers a number of solutions to add a camera to the front door, including video doorbells where the user can view who’s at the door, monitoring packages, and so on. More recently, the company has expanded its product line to include devices to be used inside the home. Again, these are devices that are also equipped with cameras and can monitor what everyone at home is doing. That is, they can be monitored by the customers, and in some cases, by company employees.

Just The Latest Ring Data Controversy

This is not the first, or even the only recent time, Ring has received criticism for the way it handles customer data. Most notably, Ring was recently accused of making its cloud-based camera services too easy to hack. For example, in recent testing Ring’s security measures were found to be less than desirable and even lacking in some of the most basic security features designed to protect user privacy. Adding to this, there’s been the highly-reported on instance of a stranger initiating a conversation with a child through a Ring camera located in the child’s bedroom, as well as an incident where login and password information of thousands of Ring users were possibly compromised. The last issue prompted the company to advise users to change their passwords and make use of two-factor authentication going forward.

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Source: Motherboard