But, it creates a big issue when such doorbells don’t work due to various technical issues. The main problem, which is faced by the customers, is no power in-ring doorbells. As all the activities of ringing the doorbell are controlled by the app present on your smartphone. So if there is some issue with the ring doorbell the first step you have to take, is to check the app, and verify whether the ring doorbell is in order. Let’s now see some such power problems and their solutions.

Ring doorbell with no power problem and solutions

As discussed above no power is ,the main problem faced by ring doorbell users sometimes. To troubleshoot such problems, within seconds, you must have proper knowledge about problems. So let’s discuss some main issues that can lead to no power issues in your ring doorbell are

Check the status of ring doorbell using the app on your smartphoneInsufficient supply of power or voltageBattery defect or battery drain issue

Check the status of ring doorbell using the app on your smartphone:-

The first thing to be done when you face such no power issues is to check the ring app downloaded on your smartphone to verify the status of such ring doorbell. Such ring devices that work with removable batteries are: 

Ring video doorbell 2Ring video doorbell 3Ring video doorbell 3 plus

To stay away from such chargeable battery issues, you can use hardwire. For hardwire in all the chargeable battery ring doorbells, you should have a plug-in adapter connected to your Ring doorbell. It will connect to your device easily and you need not pay for new wiring. 

Insufficient power supply or voltage 

A voltage or power supply issues lead to no power in-ring doorbells. To resolve such technological problems related to low voltage is to bypass such ring doorbells with the help of pro power kit V2. If we talk about the voltage or power requirements of such ring doorbells

Ring video doorbell pro has a requirement, up to 16 to 24V AC. Ring video doorbell2,3 and 3 plus have a requirement, of 8 to 24V AC.

All wires should be properly connected and secured from the power sources. There should be no loose connection and wear and tear on the cable wires. If still the power does not solve then it is the issue related to your power slot for this, you can try connecting your doorbell with a different power slot. 

Battery defect or battery drain issues

Relying upon such devices for your house security and safety is a better option only if they work properly. Generally talking about the ring doorbells, if these are chargeable, then their temperature must be kept in mind excess heat can damage the battery. Even in the rainy season, it must be covered with something so that it does not get damaged. These ring doorbells are water resistant but not waterproof. For the chargeable doorbells, you should only remove them from charging when it is 100% fully charged, not before that. Although if your battery has been damaged and not working, then the only option you have is to replace it with a new battery. Talking about the life span of such batteries, it is 6 to 12 months.


If you are facing some problem with your ring doorbell related to no power here is the article that will help you know the reasons for such problems. Relying on such devices for your house security then you must ensure that such devices are working properly with no technical issues. there are many types of ring doorbells you can choose from for your house security. You are provided with various features such as an HD camera, night vision, two-way communication, etc.

How can I test my ring doorbell?

You can check it on the ring app on your smartphone. If your doorbell is working then, when you press the doorbell button it will show the live preview on your smartphone. 

How to know whether my doorbell is charging? 

A blue light will be flashing or the best option is to look in the ring app on your smartphone.