For users not used to this type of doorbell technology, the different lights may cause a challenge in interpreting and understanding them.

Most of the time, the ring doorbell flashing blue indicates that it is charging, but if you are sure it is fully charged, it could mean different things. The different patterns at which it flashes blue have different meanings. These blinking patterns at different speeds help know the device’s status and decode the error messages. 

Blue light patterns and meanings

Off and On, in one second.

This shows that your ring doorbell is rebooting or in startup mode. After 2-3 seconds, it will be done and then start trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Flash and Upward movement

When it is flashing and moving upwards, it simply means it is trying to connect with your Wi-Fi network. It will take 1-2 minutes for this to be done, after which the blue color will flash four times, followed by a white light. 

Ensure your Wi-Fi is on and insert the correct password in the ring application to avoid connection errors when you start your doorbell. 

Flashing white color after blue color

The blue color flashes four times, followed by a white light after the Wi-Fi is connected. This indicates the doorbell setup is complete and done correctly.

Flashing blue light at the top of the circle

When this happens, it simply means that the password entered on the ring application is incorrect, and hence it cannot connect. All you need do is insert the correct password into the application, and the flashing blue light will go off immediately. 

Flashing blue, not spinning

When the doorbell is flashing the blue light but not spinning, it means it is charging. The blue light continues to fill the circle as it charges, showing the level of charging that has been completed.

When fully charged, the flashing will cease and be a solid blue color. In a few minutes, it will completely fade off, indicating the charging is complete. 

Quick blue flash, then white spinning circle

This comes only when you are factory resetting your ring doorbell. It indicates that you have completed the factory reset and can now restart the device. However, if it does this without you choosing to factory reset it, you would need to contact support as your doorbell might be stuck in a reset loop.

Spinning blue light

This happens when you receive a call on the doorbell or press any button. It is not an issue. 

Solid blue color flashes 

This indicates two-way voice communication. The doorbell speaker is turned on, and communication is enabled. Call ring support if you did not turn the speaker on and have checked the app to ensure it is not enabled. 

Troubleshooting ring doorbell

If your doorbell continues flashing blue and not for any typical reason, there are some things you can attempt to try and resolve the issue.

Cut the power to the doorbell and restart it.  Check your connectivity to ensure you are connected to the internet with a strong signal and speed. Take the doorbell to the default setting by resetting it.  Use the ring app Divine Health to ensure your device is okay. That is, to ensure it has enough power and the proper voltage.  Check for the warranty period of your device in case it is defective and needs replacing.  

When all fails, contact the ring customer support for help. 

What if I cannot see the ring light?

You need to see the ring light to be able to gauge the status of your Ring doorbell. You can get an Anti-Glare Mount which blocks the sun from the ring doorbell and lets you see the light properly. 

You can also move the position of the doorbell in a way that it serves its purpose and is protected from the sun and rain. 

How long does the ring doorbell battery last?

A few factors like the weather condition as well and the amount of use the doorbell faces determine how long the battery lasts as well as the health of the battery. However, it is estimated to last six months or even a full year once fully charged. 

How do I turn the blue light off?

You may want to turn it off due to the glare, which can attract insects, but you cannot turn it off completely. The blue light will come on when the doorbell is rung. Nevertheless, you can use masking tape to hide the light, but you might not be able to see and read the blue patterns. 


The ring doorbell flashing blue has different meanings, and interpreting them will enable you to use the device effectively and efficiently. You save a lot of time when you know when there is an issue which is where ring support comes in or when it is just a standard reboot procedure.