Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro are both highly efficient alarm and security devices which come along with the chime video doorbells and security cameras. They help in providing secure access in those homes that are quite spacious and wherein a continuous to and from to the door is not possible. They have various security features already in-built into them. The main difference lies in their additional features which are quite peculiar to the device like their modifications, additional security features, camera resolution, speaker assistance, etc. Let us read further to understand the main differences between both. 

Ring Chime and Ring Chime pro Functions – 

Before we can understand the difference between a ring chime and a chime pro, let us understand what these devices actually do. These are security alarm devices connected to the security and surveillance cameras. Its main function is to send you a real-time update whenever it senses any motion around your doorbells. This enables the person to immediately know that there is someone at the door and is highly efficient for large and spacious homes. Their function is to notify the person using video cameras and speaker alarm access. 

Ring Chime v/s Chime Pro –

Mostly, all the major functions of a ring chime and a chime pro are the same except for two which are:

WiFi extender in Chime Pro: The ringchime pro is a modified version of ringchime. As an additional feature, it has a WiFi extender. WiFi extender enables you to have uninterrupted security access even when the WiFi signal is poor or the router is located far from the device. If the router is located far, then the signal might get weak which may affect the working of your ring chime doorbell. But, the new Chime Pro adds a WiFi extension providing further access to your WiFi signals thus preventing it from losing security access.  

Alert Amplification: The chime pro has extra sound amplifiers placed inside the device which facilitate high-frequency sound production. This ensures that you hear the alarm’s speakers even in the remotest area of your house. This sound amplifying system is lacking in Ring Chime.

Apart from these 2 additional features in Chime pro, there are no major differences between a ring chime and ring chime pro. 

Both of them have the following features which are common – 

Multiple alert tonesDo not disturb modeLED lights for indicationVolume control

Conclusion –

Both Ring chime and ring chime pro are security devices for lavish and spacious homes. The only key difference between both lies in their specifications. Chime Pro has an in-built WiFi extension which enables the device to catch WiFi signals even if it is located a distance further than the desired range. This enables Chime pro to receive signals in the remotest locations of the house and you can get security access even in the furthest corners of your house. If your house is very spacious, Chimepro is preferable to ring chime because of this one peculiarity. 

Do these devices have a snooze option?

Yes, both ringchime and a ringchime pro have a snooze option in them. You can disable the audio for a preset time using the app.

How to connect chime pro with existing devices?

If you have other related devices already installed and set up, you will receive a notification on your screen asking you to connect the other devices with chime pro. This notification will appear on your mobile app immediately after you successfully install the chime pro device. 

Why should I buy a ring chime or chime pro device?

How to buy a ring chime and ring chime pro?