What is ring chime pro?

Ring chime pro is a WI-FI gadget introduced primarily to improve an individual’s internet connectivity and experience all through the house. A wireless device can be connected to the primary Wi-Fi router to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength. Ring chime pro does this by replicating the Wi-Fi signal using the original signal for the Wi-Fi router.

More to say, this ring chime pro performs more than just its extension purpose, ring chime pro can also be used to function as a doorbell, whenever a doorbell rings at the door this device makes sure that the sound is heard all through the house. This function is achieved just by replicating the doorbell sound like the case with the Wi-Fi signals.

What are the standing-out features of ring chime pro?

Uncomplicated installation process

It is quite easy to install this piece of gadget, buying the device, one will be issued with an installation manual which is very easy to follow. The installation additionally will not require the need for a technician. Once purchased, the only thing required is to plug it in and then complete the mobile app configuration.

Unbounded ring connectivity 

Ring pro chime allows one to connect as many wireless devices as one can need, these can include your doorbell, and CCTV cameras, among all other ring devices. 

A 2 in 1 device

Compared with other alternative products, this is the most astounding feature of the ring chime pro extender, functioning as both a Wi-Fi amplifier and a doorbell.

Variety of doorbell alerts

It is very common for one to get bored from hearing the same “ding-dong” doorbell sound anytime when a person rings the door, this, however, is not the case with the ring chime pro, it allows access to change the doorbell sounds from one to another anytime. The chime pro comes with a tone of musical notifications and sound collections which will make you want visitors every time of the day.

Do not disturb mode

Like an iPhone or another phone that allows you to activate the do not disturb mode, this cool feature is also featured in this Wi-Fi extender. This feature allows you to have ample time when you do not want disturbances from its chimes and notifications, especially when the whole family is sleeping.  

Ring chime pro merits and demerits


Ring chime pro is more costly compared with other options. The device is only compatible with ring devices.  


The device features volume controls and a nightlight.  The ring chime pro also comes with a one-year warranty. 2 in 1 feature. (Doorbell as well as Wi-Fi extender)Easy process of installation.  

What do we know about Wi-Fi extenders?

A Wi-Fi extender to its name can be referred to as a movable device whose primary function is to extend the Wi-Fi signal strength to cover a much larger area as compared to the original area that a router can cover. It works by receiving the Wi-Fi signal and then amplifying it. 

Both a Wi-Fi range extender and a Wi-Fi network extender perform more or less the same functions, the difference comes in the way they perform their functions. While a Wi-Fi range extender is a wireless device that receives and broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal received in a wider area on a different channel from the one where the signals were received, a Wi-Fi network extender on the other hand a Wi-Fi network extender does the same using wires.

Wi-Fi extenders features

Simple and easy setup.

Wi-Fi extenders such as TP-link are very easy to set up. After the purchase, they require a simple download of the extender’s app and follow the instruction. Similarly, some extenders do have RE buttons that allow one to run the setup with just a click of the button.

Unlimited device compatibility.

Wi-Fi extenders are pretty much compatible with every device, however, the maximum number of devices that can be connected at a particular time is 32 devices.

Conversion from a Wi-Fi extender into an access point

Wi-Fi extenders feature ethernet ports that are great when it comes to faster and high-speed internet connectivity. The ethernet ports can be used to change the extender into an access point.

Pros and cons associated with the Wi-Fi extenders


Are efficient. Boosts Wi-Fi signal strength coverage immensely. Comes with a 2-year warranty. Easy and simple setup.

Conclusively, comparing the review of Ring Chime Pro Vs Wi-Fi Extender, it is clear that, most extenders have limited connectivity at a given time compared with the ring chime pro which has a limitless number of devices that can be connected. However, most Wi-Fi extenders come with a longer warranty duration when compared to the ring chime pro. Needless to say, one may still prefer the ring chime pro to a Wi-Fi extender due to its cool features. 

Q: Does one have to pay for a subscription to use Ring chime?

No! one does not have to subscribe to any plan to utilize the Ring services.

Q: Can I install Ring devices with my power on?

It is recommended that you follow the instructions indicated in the manual carefully. During the installation of the Ring devices, it is safe to turn off the power to avoid possible power hazards.

Q: How do I know that the battery is low in a Ring device?

An email will always be sent indicating that your battery is running low. Additionally, the Ring app also features battery level indicators which will help know when the battery is running low as well as your battery health.