Ring Camera Snapshot Feature Problem Fixing

The snapshot feature can have several problems that make it not give the desired outputs to the owner. Some of these problems may include the following; the feature not updating the videos, the device not showing any footage and some videos being uploaded incompletely. These greatly compromise the security of the home of the owner. It is caused mainly by internet problems for instance if the connection of both the Ring device and the Ring camera to a Wi-Fi is lost or if the Wi-Fi itself has poor upload and download speeds. This article will therefore be of great importance to people who experience problems with their Ring camera snapshot feature. You might consider reading this article if you need to resolve this.

Check Wi-Fi Connection to the Ring Camera Devices

Ring devices use a network connection to send the videos/footage to the ring cloud and save them. When they are not working, it is good to check the network connection to these devices and fix it if they are not connected to the network. This is done by manually reconnecting the devices to the rooter. One should ensure that the connection of the network to the Ring devices is high as the poor connection will make the snapshot feature function abnormally. The download and upload speeds should be checked, as low download and upload speeds will lead to Traffic in the devices in uploading the videos hence causing the feature to work slowly or not to work completely. The Ring camera should be connected to a rooter all the time as it does not have local storage to store the videos on its own and it, therefore, needs the internet to send the videos to the Ring cloud. The snapshot feature will never send snaps when there is a network connection problem, but it resumes sending the videos when the network is restored, so make sure your network connection system is working efficiently to get positive results.

Update the Software of the Ring Device Software

The snapshot feature will work ineffectively when the software is outdated. Then this will want the owner of the device to check for any latest updates of the software and update his or her device’s software when an update is out. When the software is updated then the Ring device will be back to functioning normally as usual and there will be no hitches. A quick reminder that software should always be showing that it is up to date.

Make Sure Your Ring Device Supports Snapshot Capture

Some devices may not support the latest versions of the snapshot capture feature and therefore you have to check if the feature is supported on your device or else it won’t work effectively. The android and iOS versions determine whether the snapshot feature is compatible with the device or not, some when buying the device to use with the Ring application consider the latest or higher versions.

Turn off the VPN on the Device 

Some applications tend not to function normally when a VPN is running in the background and the Ring APP is an example of these applications. This can happen because VPNs tend to change the IP address of the device and some applications won’t function correctly when on a different IP address other than the one, they were assigned. So, try switching off the VPN and confirm if the feature will function well.

Try Doing the Following

You can also try doing the following:

Ensure power supply to the Ring camera. Ensure the Ring camera is connected to the router/network. Ensure you have a valid protection plan, which can be basic, plus, or pro and they have different paying rates, so it all depends on your pocket.

Factory Reset the Device

If all the above-mentioned do not work then it is well that you try resetting the device so that it can start again and this can erase away the problem associated with the snapshot feature.

You can also try contacting the customer support centre and they can advise more on what to do with both the Ring device and the Ring camera. You can also take the devices to the nearest technician for check-ups and repair.


When functioning well the Camera snapshot capture will enable you to trace and monitor whatever is going on around you with videos recorded through continuous snapshots as it takes these snapshots every few set intervals. If you want the videos to be generated without any hitches then you must go through the process of fixing your snapshot feature problems to get desired videos and improve the security around you.

How many times do Ring cameras take Snaps?

They take videos once at intervals of thirty seconds and this can be increased up to intervals of three minutes.

Will the Ring Camera Work Without Internet Connection?

The Ring can turn off and stop recording/taking snaps because it does not have local storage and it streams everything to the Ring cloud.

How many videos can be downloaded from the Ring device at once?

Only one video can be downloaded at a time from the Ring device.

Can Rings be used without the internet?

Ring devices depend on the internet and they cannot run without the net.