Rift Nightmare Tide Raids

As a result of a month-long project, this site is finally up and running. It contains loot tables for all the different bosses and dungeons in Rift. It also goes over the tactics needed to complete each event. From dungeons, to raid rifts, to raids themselves, you can get the help you need based off of your gear level. There is also a Discord channel in case you want to talk to other Rift raiders and get help.

There are updates now for the new unreleased Comet of Ahnket raid. You can find the guide for the first boss here.

Prancing Turtle

Prancing Turtle is a combat log parser that keeps track of how much damage players do in each encounter. You can use this tool to see the positions of the top guilds in each instance, and how much damage each player deals. So while other players may use it to stroke their ego, you can find out things like boss behaviors, or when you should use your skills.

While these tools will help you become a better raider, it does not substitute finding the right guild. Just ask on the crossevents channel and see what you find. Best of luck!