CrossVR, the Reddit user behind the workaround, which has been dubbed Revive, suggests that similar steps may also work with other games on the Oculus store, but notes they haven’t tested any others as of yet. He wrote:

But Oculus caught wind of the project, and released the following statement:

While the company clearly doesn’t support CrossVR’s efforts, it doesn’t seem like they actively condemn them either, something the user notes in a follow up post:

It begs the question: is exclusivity really the way to go for such a fledgling hardware as VR? Oculus might be about to find out.

They’re worried people may buy games expecting them to work on the Vive and they may get disappointed. Especially if I can’t keep feature parity with the Oculus SDK, which is what the comment about future updates is about.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you in support of the project or do you think Oculus should clamp down on it? Should the platform be more open? Or do you think exclusivity drives competition and will benefit the hardware in the long run? Let us know in the comments below.