In December 2019, Hachiyanagi went to Savoy’s home and expressed she required passionate assistance after a partition. At the point when Savoy permitted her into her home, Hachiyanagi struck her and wrecked her.

She rode Savoy and admitted to her that she had cherished her for quite a while and that Savoy ought to have known. Hachiyanagi then, at that point, utilized a stone, a fire poker, and pruning shears to attack her. Following four hours of torment, Savoy convinced Hachiyanagi to contact 911 by telling her she shared her sexual opinions.

Following that, Savoy asserted she experienced deep rooted wounds just as long haul mental pain during an enthusiastic assertion in court on Friday, October 15. Moreover, Savoy additionally educated the court that she endured nerve harm in her face and that two of her fingers are at this point not useful.

She added that she experiences issues dozing, has dreams, and has ordinary cerebral pains. Rie Hachiyanagi is a previous craftsmanship educator at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

She showed up in the United States as a secondary school international student from Sapporo, Japan, as per her profile on the school’s site. Starting around 2004, she’s been a speaker at Mount Holyoke College. She had recently instructed at New York’s Alfred College.

Here is a connection to an arrangement of her work. For attacking Savoy, she got a sentence of ten to twelve years in a Massachusetts state jail. Her nine charges came about because of an occurrence on December 24, 2019.

— Mount Holyoke News (@mtholyokenews_) January 4, 2020

As per Assistant Northwestern District Attorney Matthew Thomas, at an October 15 difference in request hearing, the charges included three counts of outfitted attack with expectation to kill an individual more than 60, anarchy, and a few attacks offenses.

Rie Hachiyanagi’s present age is 50 years of age. There isn’t a lot of data on Rie Hachiyanagi’s familial foundation, in any case, she is of Japanese plunge.