The company provides a lifetime warranty on all the tools that you buy from them, either online or in stores. All you have to do is to take out a few minutes to register your tool and there you have it, a lifetime warranty and service for your tool. 


Ridgid has given the most trustworthy tools. It has made its mark in the industry. It claims to make tools that withstand harsh environments and are resistant to rust. 

Contractors and workers claim that they can rely on these tools to perform a reliable job. Not only does it produce quality products but it also gives the best customer service and takes care of the needs of its customers. 

Ridgid Lifetime Warranty-The Real Deal 

If you talk to the customers of Ridgid they will tell you that they may be inclined to buy and use it’s products is the high quality, but also the lifetime warranty it comes with.

When a customer is offered a lifetime warranty, they get a sense of security. It means that whenever the tools they bought give them some issue, they can contact Ridgid and it will take care of the problem. 

If your tool faces any failure due to a low-quality product, the company will take full responsibility and repair or replace the defective part of the tool. 

What Does the Ridgid Lifetime Warranty Cover?

Ridgid covers the following of the tools that it sells at its stores. Simple, stationary power tools and pneumatic tools. They will take care of your tools if you have registered for the warranty within 90 days. 

The warranty will cover the spares, batteries, and if there is a need for any kind of service and that too for a lifetime. As long as you have the tool, you can contact the company and they will take care of it from there. 

What is Not Included in the Ridgid Lifetime Warranty?

Many customers take the wrong meaning when they read lifetime warranty, they assume that no matter what the damage is, it will be covered in the warranty. 

Let’s make this clear. It is not the case. The warranty is not applicable if the tool was misused or abused and the normal wear and tear that happens to the tool over time. The company is not responsible if there is accidental damage to the tool. 

How to Register Your Tool ?

You need to keep in mind that you have to register your tool to avail of this lifetime warranty. Make sure that you list within nine days of your purchase. Now the question arises of how to register you’re your tool. 

• Go to the online website

• Register yourself by signing up

• Once your account is made, click on ‘Register New Purchase’.

• The form will come up and you will have to fill in the model number and other similar details. 

• You will have to upload the recipients of the tools that you bought from the home depot. 

• Apply and now your tool is registered with Ridgid.

How to Claim Ridgid Warranty?

Once your tool is registered, you can claim your warranty using the following methods. 


• You can call at 1-866-539-1710. 

• Wait for the customer representative to respond. 

• Explain what problem you are having with your tool and he will guide you through it.


• You can log in to the online contact page.

• Tell the customer support about your problem. 

• Follow the steps told by customer support.

Visit Authorized Service

The best way to get used to your lifetime warranty in use is to go to the authorized store yourself.

Keep your lifetime warranty registration with you and from there, the store will take care of things that you may be facing.

Final Verdict

Ridgid is known for the best products out there combined with the best customer services. One can stay free of the botheration that if I invest my money in a product, what is it giving me in return?

It makes sure that while you are using the tool for its intended use and after you register, they will cater to your need while you have the tool.

No, you do not have to pay a fee to avail warranty.

The product will either be repaired or replaced to redeem the situation.