What Is It?

This game is similar to other racing games we’ve covered, like AG Drive. The hook here is the ability to “drift” popularized in movies like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The race scenes have backgrounds based in Japan.

One feature I liked about the game is you can control it with either the accelerometer or thumb controls. I’m always a fan of steering by moving the iPhone or iPad; I feel more involved in the game. The in-app purchases are what you’d expect from a racing game. The more money you spend, the better car and features you get to win the race. Once you finish the included levels, you can buy more with other in-app purchases.

Who Is It Good For?

Racing games always require a steady hand and good coordination. The included cars make it hard to win the race without purchasing upgrades, so I’d avoid this game if you have a desire to win at all costs.

The game loads slowly, even on my iPad Air 2 and iPhone SE. That’s probably due to the large graphics in the game.

Should You Download It?

The game takes up a whopping 1.67GB. Yes, it is that big! I’m not a fan of racing games, and I know I’m unlikely to win without the upgrades. Given the game’s size, I could fit a ton of other things on my phone before I’d play this. Comment