An insurance policy helps cover the drivers in case a thunderbolt happens while at work. Rideshare has an insurance policy that covers the rideshare drivers. The good thing is that rideshare insurance options are cost-friendly and beneficial. To know these options keep on scrolling.

Examples Of The Rideshare Insurance Options You Should Buy

Mercury Insurance

Mercury is your insurance if you are looking for affordable rideshare insurance. This insurance ensures full coverage for yourself. It also provides coverage throughout the driving process. Mercury insurance also pays for incurred injuries and car vandalism, depending on your policy limits.

Additionally, this insurance pays for your car to get fixed if it is damaged. The insurance is available in eleven states. The charges or costs range from $0.90 daily, which is affordable. It is considered one of the cheapest rideshare insurance options.

State Farm Insurance

Are you looking for full-bodied coverage as a rideshare driver? Check out State Farm insurance. This insurance policy offers rental reimbursement, medical coverage and underinsured motorist coverage. It also covers damages to your vehicle and unexpected road service.

The insurance is available in various states. The cost range depends on the coverage plan you choose. For instance, 15% to 20% is added to the auto insurance premium you are using. The discounts applied to vary depending on your insurance coverage plan.

Besides, the insurance extends its coverage plans from the policy. This happens when you are available for hire, and the rideshare app is on. The coverages remain even after matching with a rider. However, the inability insurance is exempted from the coverages after matching with a rider.

Progressive Insurance

Progressive is a good rideshare insurance option for delivery drivers. This insurance has enough auto insurance coverage. This insurance covers you as a driver delivering food orders using the rideshare company. As a driver, you can add this coverage to your policy.

The insurance is pocket friendly compared to other rideshare insurance options. Progressive covers rental car reimbursement, collision, PIP, comprehensive and UIM/UM. However, it does not cover comprehensive collision, PIP and liability during phases 2 or 3. Similarly, this insurance policy is available in most states and is best for delivery drivers.

NJM Insurance company

Another best rideshare insurance option it’s the NJM insurance. This insurance is the best for you if you are a rideshare driver living on the East Coast. If you have the TNC rideshare endorsement, you can add it to your insurance policy. Additionally, the insurance covers you as a rideshare driver when you are actively using the rideshare app but haven’t matched with the rider yet.

Besides, you have limited insurance coverage when picking up a passenger or driving a rider. Furthermore, the insurance covers physical damage, liability, PIP and UIM/UM during phase one, but not in phases two and three. NJM insurance is available in five states, and the costs vary depending on the added coverages a driver chooses to add.

Travelers Insurance

Travelers is insurance you should consider if you are a rideshare driver living in Illinois or Colorado. The insurance covers you when you actively use the rideshare app, but the coverage ends once you match with a passenger. Travelers insurance is only available in the two states that is Colorado and Illinois.

Insurance Insurance

Esurance is an insurance that offers low deductibles to rideshare drivers. The insurance is provided through a program called SmartShare Program. It is only available in Illinois, New Jersey, and California. 

The Smarthsare program covers the difference between Rideshare deductibles and those of Esurance deductibles. Esurance covers collision, liability and comprehensive coverage. All your coverages are also included in the policy.

American Family Insurance

The American Family Insurance is a Rideshare insurance option that covers rideshare drivers. The insurance allows rideshares drivers to extend their current insurance policy to phase one. 

The insurance covers property damage, collision, and medical payments coverage. It also covers bodily injury liability and personal injury protection. The insurance is available in most states, and it is affordable.


Travelers, Progressive, State Farm, NJM and Mercury, are the best examples of rideshare options. These options are available in various states. They are also budget-friendly. The insurances cover drivers who actively use their rideshare apps and liability, comprehensive, car damages and physical injuries.

Do the typical policies cover rideshare drivers? 

Most insurance policies cover rideshare drivers. However, many insurance companies give rideshare drivers the option to include additional coverage when driving for TNC.

What coverages are in the Rideshares insurance? The policy and insurer you choose determine the insurance coverage you get. Examples of the coverages included in the Rideshare insurance are roadside assistance and rental car compensations.