What exactly is Zen Mode in Riders Republic and is it something that you should try out? Here’s everything you need to know, explained.

How to Access Zen Mode

Zen Mode in Riders Republic can be accessed via the main menu. You don’t have to unlock it. Once you load in, you’ll notice a few key differences compared to the sandbox campaign and its races.

There’s No Progression in Zen Mode

Basically, Zen Mode is available for pure exploration. Maybe you want to check out a particular location or just dive off into the unknown. If so, then you can give this mode a try!

You’ll be able to visit any location on the world map since, once you open it, you can just press a button to perform a helicopter drop (you’ll reappear at the spot that the cursor is on). Explore to your heart’s content or even make your own races.

All Default, Unlocked Vehicles are Available

In the sandbox campaign, you’ll need to reach 30 stars just to obtain the Wingsuit and Rocketwing (Air Races). However, these are automatically available for use in Zen Mode. All you need to do is press Up on the D-pad to see these vehicles.

There’s No Photo Mode

Photo Mode is there for players who enjoy capturing unforgettable moments in games. In the sandbox campaign career mode, activating this mode is only possible when you’re free-roaming (i.e., not in the middle of a race). But, in Zen Mode, this feature is completely disabled.

Still, you can try a little workaround. Simply pause the game and open the Options menu. Go to the Accessibility tab and disable the HUD. This will remove most of the clutter and icons on your screen. It’s not as good as an actual Photo Mode feature, but it does help if you really want those screenshots.

That’s everything there is to know about Zen Mode in Riders Republic. It’s a great mode for those that want to relax and not worry about the campaign career mode or moving up competitive ladders. For more on Ubisoft’s open world sports title, consider heading over to our other Riders Republic guides here.