Not that many players are familiar with this feature, and that’s why our guide will explain what Time Limited Playlist is in Riders Republic. It’s not complicated at all, but you do need to know a few things in order to take part in this type of challenge.

What is Time Limited Playlist in Riders Republic?

This playlist exists only in the multplayer mode and can be accessed only through the Multiplayer menu. You will find these playlists appearing time from time in the Multiplayer menu with their corresponding end dates, as well as titles of different types of challenges that they offer.

Once a contract or a challenge that requires you to complete a Time Limited Playlist appears in your game menu, you need to enter the Multiplayer menu and take part in the given playlist event. These happen randomly, so keep an eye on all the messages you get while playing online.

You can also enter Time Limited Playlist through Free For All vendor, who can be found at Riders Ridge, the game’s main hub located in the Sequoia region. But remember that you will be able to unlock Riders Ridge only when you collect at least 11 stars.

Besides Timed Limited Playlists you will find the following challenges at the Riders Ridge:

Multiplayer activities Player-made events Shackdaddy Challenges Sponsor management Shop Tricks at the Tricks Academy

Time Limited Playlist functions similarly to all multiplayer events, where you need to wait for the matchmaking process, and once you’re in, you’ll be competing with 11 other players online.

Depending on your final position at the very end of the chosen Time Limited Event, you will be given corresponding rewards.

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That’s all you need to know about Time Limited Events in Riders Republic. For more tips and tricks, please check out our other Riders Republic guides.