If you’re wondering how to unlock the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races, our Riders Republic guide will send you down the right track.

How to Get the Wingsuit

Simply put, you’ll need to reach 30 stars in Riders Republic before you could unlock the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races. Getting these is a major milestone in the game as you’ll practically obtain the fastest means of free-roam exploration outside of using fast travel points.

Of course, because Air Races also become available at the same time as the Wingsuit, you’ll have a new activity, one that lets you zip across the skies and power through rings all the way to the finish line.

So, is there a sure-fire method to reach 30 stars quickly in Riders Republic and unlock the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races? Well, your best bet for getting 30 stars quickly is to simply complete the optional challenges in races.

These include reaching a score threshold for performing tricks from the tricks list, winning a match with a particular difficulty selected, or completing other specific actions (i.e., reaching the finish line while pedaling at a certain speed).

Additionally, you can try to compete in Mass Races to unlock the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races. There are lots of opponents in these competitive races, and they come from multiple systems/platforms due to the inclusion of crossplay in Riders Republic.

The idea is in these races is to finish at a respectable rank on the ladder. Finishing in the middle of the pack would still net you a handful of stars, but you’ll get a lot more if you claim a top finish and gain access to the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races faster.

Regular exploration, such as finding relics or completing side challenges, will also net you stars. Lastly, if you really can’t wait until you’ve progressed further, you can simply try Zen Mode. Zen Mode in Riders Republic doesn’t have any sort of progression, but equipment like the Wingsuit, Rocketwing, and Rocket Bike and Skis are readily available from the get-go.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock the Wingsuit and Rocketwing Air Races in Riders Republic. For more, consider checking out this guides hub.