Finish the Tutorial to Open Photo Mode

Photo Mode isn’t available at the start of your Riders Republic campaign. Instead, you’ll be treated to a fairly lengthy tutorial about mechanics and activities. You’ll partake in various races on bikes and skis. You’ll even participate in air races while wearing a jetpack.

From there, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Riders Republic, such as performing tricks, amassing points, and acquiring stars.

There are seven steps here, and the last one requires you to amass 11 stars. For this objective, you can simply look at the optional challenges in races. Since you only need a single star, just choose something that’s manageable (i.e., getting a certain number of points by performing tricks).

Once you have 11 stars, you’ll be asked to return to Riders Ridge. Another short tutorial follows telling you about the different functions and matchmaking activities in this area. Then, you’re suddenly done. The sandbox is fully open and Photo Mode is finally unlocked.

How to Use Photo Mode

To use Photo Mode in Riders Republic, simply press left on the D-pad to bring up the Tool wheel. Once you select Photo Mode, your game will be paused, and you can check the available tabs.

There are various options that can be tweaked, such as your filter, depth of field (DOF), time of day, the sun’s position in the sky (i.e., casting shadows), weather effects, brightness, and more.

To take a picture, simply press the corresponding button. This image will be shared, including to those who play on other platforms if you have the setting enabled. If you’re on PC, you can simply press the back/select button to hide the UI. Then, press your Ubisoft Connect shortcut key for screenshots (i.e., F12).

Lastly, please remember that Photo Mode in Riders Republic is very limited, at least compared to what we’ve seen from other Ubisoft offerings. Since this is a competitive online game, you can’t use it in the middle of races. You may only use it while free-roaming. Oh, and it’s also unavailable if you’re trying out Zen Mode (you’ll want to disable the HUD in the Accessibility Options tab if you want less clutter in your screenshots).

And that’s all you need to know about how to unlock and use Photo Mode in Riders Republic. Now you can memorialize your best tricks, whether you’re on one of the game’s many bikes and popping a wheelie or zipping through an air race in the wingsuit. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our dedicated guides hub.