This guide will provide you with a list of all the tricks and show how to do them in Riders Republic. With the help of this guide, you will quickly learn which key combinations correspond to various tricks, so you can earn as many trick points as possible in the shortest span of time.

Riders Republic Trick Controls

All tricks in Riders Republic rely on a combination of directional movements and left or right shoulder movements, which correspond to left and right trick buttons.

For Xbox and PlayStation controllers, they are bound to Left Trigger (LT/L2) and Right Trigger (RT/R2). For PC players that use mouse and keyboard, they are bound to WASD and IJKL keys that correspond to right shoulder (RS) and left shoulder (LS) respectively.

How to Rebind Controls & Select Presets

Remember that you can always change the default buttons and keybinds in the controller and keyboard options menu. Here’s how you can do it:

Go to the game’s main menu Select “Options” menu Go to “Controller” tab Choose “Controller Mapping” for gamepad Choose “Keyboard Control Rebinding” for keyboard Highlight the desired action Press the button on a gamepad or a key on the keyboard to re-assign

Although you can play Riders Republic on a keyboard, it is highly recommended to use a gamepad. Currently, there are three presets for gamepad controls in the game:

Racer: Best for tricks performance, where you can control the free camera movement. Steep: Best for jumping and tricks, using the old Steep controls. Trickster: Best for the use of gamepad sticks to perform tricks, but without the free camera controls.

You can select one of these three presets by doing the following:

Go to the game’s main menu Select “Options” menu Go to “Controller” tab Select “Controller Preset” option Choose the desired preset for your gamepad

All Tricks List in Riders Republic

Basic Rotation Bike Tricks


Freeride Bike Tricks


Slopestyle Bike Tricks


Offtrack/Snowpark Ski Tricks


Offtrack/Snowpark Snowboard Tricks


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That’s everything you need to know on how to do tricks in Riders Republic, including the list of all tricks. For more tips and tricks, please check out our other Riders Republic guides.