Relics are represented by purple chests on your map, but these markers usually don’t appear unless you get close enough to them. So we’ve put together this guide to help you find all 11 relics and unlock some unique bikes, skis, and more. You’ll also get one star per relic, which should help you rank up easily.

Riders Republic Relic Locations

Plane Wing Jetpack Pizza Delivery Bike Old School Skis Surfboard  Training Bike Grandpa Bike Wooden Ski Blades Destroyed Bike Cardboard Plane Adventure Bike Folding Bike

Plane Wing Jetpack

The Plane Wing Jetpack relic can be found in the middle of a lake in Yosemite, Cloud Rest. You can walk across the crashed plane to reach the engine and collect it.

Pizza Delivery Bike 

The Pizza Delivery Bike relic is located in Mammoth, Canyon Lodge. You can find it beside one of the lodges next to a man enjoying some pizza.

Old School Skis


The Old School Skis can be found on a small mountainside in Grand Teton. The relic is near the man playing the guitar.


To get the Surfboard relic, make your way toward the top of the map until you reach The Wall Glacier. From there, head west and you should find the Surfboard lying near an igloo and a beach lounge chair.

Training Bike

Head to the upper right corner of the map to find the Training Bike in Grand Teton, Cascade Canyon. You can find it nicely placed next to a decorated Christmas tree. 

Grandpa Bike

The Grandpa Bike can be found at the entrance of the chapel in Yosemite Valley. You can find it to the right of the stairs near a wooden mailbox. 

Wooden Ski Blades

To get the Wooden Ski Blades, make your way over to Mammoth Summit in Mammoth, Santiago Bowl. You can find them at the ski lift with the Red Bull sign.

Destroyed Bike

The Destroyed bike is located in Zion, Pine Creek. It can be found floating in a river and waiting for you to grab it.

Cardboard Plane

This Relic can be found on a green hillside in Sequoia, General Highway. There, you will find a cabin with the Cardboard Plane just outside it.

Adventure Bike

Head to the Canyonlands and follow the Colorado River to find this relic. It will be sitting near a campsite with a tent and fireplace.

Folding Bike


The Folding Bike is also in the Canyonlands, but you’ll have to venture to the middle of the desert to get it. 

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Now you know where to find all 11 relics in Riders Republic in order to unlock some unique and funky vehicles. For more tips and tricks, consider checking out other Riders Republic guides.