After Rider Chizzy examine out the quick as HoH, the #BBNaija Level Up Finalists started to fantasize about the possibilities. Bryann exclaimed to Daniella, “I will pressure you in the car after I win it.” Chizzy, the ultimate Head of House of the Level Up Season, emerged triumphant after an intense Task that actually took all the time to complete.

The project required Housemates to pop and seek via a pool of balloons to spell out the letters “Innoson IVM Connect.” “Once a letter is observed, each Housemate must place it on their assigned desk before returning to look for more letters,” consistent with the quick.

Although simple, the Task took the Housemates hours to complete because some, inclusive of Adekunle, Bryann, Daniella, and Riders Chizzy and Rachel, had observed all letters except “T.” Even our BB Naija geng become speculating on the area of “T.”

— Big Brother Naija (@BBNaija) September 29, 2022

Chizzy became introduced because the state-of-the-art proprietor of a contemporary Innoson vehicle after several hours of searching and lots-wished breaks. When his name become called, he celebrated his victory and invited his fellow Housemates to sign up for him. They all celebrated him by means of taking a excursion of the automobile and its various facilities.