Ride Services

To have access to ride services, one must have any one of the apps like Uber, Lyft, or Pathao, according to the person’s region. The steps that must be completed to access the app have to be completed. Then one can have access to ride services to take them from destination A to B. For both the riders and passengers, the steps mentioned below must be completed:

How to Use a Ride-Sharing App?

Log in to the app via your phone number confirmation of your phone number Short clip on How to Use the AppReady to go?

Passenger Safety in Ride Services

With the increase in ride services, safety talks have always become a controversial topic. Because it charge a reasonable fee or even a fee, passenger safety is not of the utmost importance. Accidents can be prevented by following rules, but they cannot be stopped. Due to this accident, the rate has increased after the operation of ride services in 2014 in the United States of America. Among the accidents, 21% were passengers, 21% were riders, and the rest were third parties. The payment after the accidents was not taken by the ride services, but later on, popular ride services like Uber and Lyft started an insurance policy that covers the physical injuries of passengers. Also, the renowned ride service in Nepal, Pathao, has started taking passenger safety and rider safety seriously, which has led to insurance for passengers and riders. 

Complications with the vehicle

Mechanical kinds of equipment are not always to be trusted fully. While traveling, we can have some difficulties with the vehicle, which will result in passenger time loss. Also, to mention, complications arise due to less frequent service or even if the vehicle is sold. If one has these hitches, they have to either wait or call for another ride service. Resulting in time loss and money loss, which will decrease the ride-sharing app’s reverence. To tackle these problems, ride service apps must frequently remind and check their riders’ vehicles, which will make rides much more comfortable and assist in having a safe ride.

Difficulty in Locating 

In particular, in developing nations, these problems arise as there are no roads to be seen on the map, but in reality, there is a road. This problem is a major issue in Nepal as well. Both passengers and riders have problems regarding this, and the only way to tackle this is by calling the passengers and asking where they are, which results in time and money loss. Also, if there are two destinations with the same name, it is worse than the above scenarios presented. Common names of road junctions will lead to this type of complication.

What exactly is Ride Services?

Ride Services are funded by the money they collect from riders, which is typically between 10% and 20% of the total amount of money per ride. The greater the distance to the destination, the more the amount goes to the ride services. So, it is mostly short rides on it that are accepted by the riders. it benefit greatly from this because they are only a third party between the rider and the passenger.

How much do riders make?

I travel a lot through Ride Services and I, being an extrovert, ask them how much they earn daily, weekly, and monthly. The most expensive answer I got was monthly Rs.40,000 when full-timers and part-timers get their pocket money ranging anywhere between Rs.8000 and Rs.10,000. Nowadays, even people who go to the office take Ride Services as a Rider and take 2-4 rides when going to and returning from the office. According to them, their fuel and other expenses are covered.


Ride services are popular these days, which have made our lives a lot easier. it have made our lives easier, but they have flaws, and to cover these flaws, Ride Services are taking major steps to make a revolutionary change in this sector. It has made both the passengers’ and riders live a lot easier as it has given many job opportunities to people who can drive. At last, a 3rd party app has given a platform for this groundbreaking change in this transportation sector, which was expensive and time-consuming as well. 

What does it take to be a rider in Ride Services?

First and foremost, the requirements are the license and bill book of the vehicle. Secondly, insurance for the vehicle is also needed.

Does one need any specific degree for this?

No one needs any specific degree for this. A simple understanding of language, reading, writing, and basic knowledge of smartphones is an essential need.