When it comes to shopping for jewelry, it is important to consider shopping at a store that gives you value for your money, and also, offers you an opportunity to get a replacement if you discover the item did not meet your expectations. One of such stores is Riddle’s. Read on to find out about their jewelry return policy.

Riddle’s jewelry return policy allows shoppers to return their jewelry within 20 days of purchasing them. Although this is quite an impressive offer for a jewelry store, some conditions are required before a shopper can be allowed to return a piece of jewelry.

Details of Riddle’s Jewelry Return Policy

Here are some important things you need to know before you can be allowed access to a refund or replacement at Riddle. They include:

The jewelry to be returned must not have been used, it must be new.

Customized or personalized jewelry is not covered under the return policy, they are not eligible for a refund.

For refunds, you are expected to get your money within three to five working days.

If your item was sent to the wrong address, you will be able to get a refund of your money plus the shipping charges.

Jewelry is allowed to be returned within 20 days of purchase, if it exceeds this duration, it will not be accepted for refunds or a replacement.

All diamonds purchased from $300 above are eligible for refunds within 60 days after purchase.

Damaged items shipped to shoppers are eligible for refunds along with the shipping charges.

All orders made from the website are shipped free of charge to customers.

How to Process a Jewelry Return to Riddles.


To return jewelry to any of the Riddle’s stores, you are required to bring along with you the proof of purchase, the jewelry, and the package of the jewelry. You can meet with the store assistant while at the store to make your request known. You will need to wait for some time for your request to be processed.

Online Return

Before requesting to make a return of your jewelry online, you should contact customer support to inquire about the process. The reason for this is that customer support will be able to check if your item is still within the approved date in the store jewelry return policy.

After you have been confirmed to make a return, you can go further to visit Riddle’s website.

Go to the “online order return” section after logging into your account.

Select the reason you would like to opt for a refund or replacement.

After this has been done, you will be required to print the FedEx or USPS shipping label.

The next step is to drop the item at any of the FedEx or USPS store locations close to you. Ensure the pack has been safely packed along with the box before you drop it off.

Services Covered by Riddle’s

Here is a list of other services you can get access to at Riddles. To be able to access these services, you need to purchase Riddle’s Premium Care and Repair Plan. Some of the services under this plan include;

12-month white gold plating at zero cost. Ring sizing, cutting, and joining. Chain solderingFixing and replacement of broken or damaged bracelet clasps. Jewelry stone tightening.

How to Avoid Requesting a Return.

The best way to save yourself the stress of having to go through the return process is by following some of these steps;

Never shop without knowing your jewelry

One thing about shopping for that jewelry is that it is so important to know and understand the different ranges of jewelry. The quality, price, sizes, value, etc should be checked and agreed upon before making your purchase. Do not purchase jewelry if you do not know how to check its quality. You can always confirm with the store assistant to know the necessary details about the jewelry before going ahead with the payment.

Read the store policy

Always ask for the store policy from the customer service or check it out from Riddle’s website before you go ahead with your shopping. This is very important if you are a first-time shopper at the store. It will guide you in making the proper choice of your jewelry.

Add the right address

When shopping online, it is important to check and double-check if the address you put in is your exact address. Putting in the wrong address can lead to your item getting shipped to another location or not getting shipped at all. So you need to ensure you put in your right address. If you are going to be moving to another location after making an order, ensure that you put it in your new address and not your old address.


Shopping for jewelry requires the shopper to have extra caution when examining the jewelry, especially when the shopping is done online. One of the best ways to avoid getting jewelry that won’t end up meeting your expectations is by shopping at a store where a return policy is allowed.

  1. Is chain soldering free at Riddles?

Chain soldering is free if the service is requested within five years of purchasing the jewelry.

  1. How long will it take me to get my refund after making a return to Riddle’s store?

You will get a refund between three to five working days.