This comes days following the passing of Rico Swavey after his contribution in a loathsome fender bender.

In a new update by means of the miniature publishing content to a blog stage, Twitter, the administration of the late reality star indicated his entombment game plan which is to be declared soon.

It further informed fans with respect to Rico to be careful about any accounts caught wind of his mishap, and demise as it desires to address it soon.

The post peruses;

“It has become obvious that web-based entertainment has been loaded up with a ton of stories about our dearest Rico Swavey.

Force to be reckoned with has been paid to advance specific account. We will get a kick out of the chance to express that large numbers of these stories are bogus.

Mercifully note that eventually, we will be sharing itemized data on the conditions encompassing Rico’s mishap, treatment and passing.

We additionally ask all enthusiasts of Rico to keep his family in their requests and proceed with the soul of warmth and association that Rico imparted to all. While we are doing as such, we beg the overall population to kindly give the individuals from his family security at this truly challenging time.

Entombment plans will be declared soon.

— Rico Swavey 🇳🇬🇺🇸 (@iamricoswavey) October 13, 2022

Much obliged to you, Marked The executives”.