Early Life Rico Roman, who was born on fourth February 1981, has a place with American Mexican plunge. He went to Alpha High School back in 2000 to finish his essential instruction. Afterward, he enlisted in the multitude of the United States before long.


He was on his obligation and was serving in Iraq when he got his left leg removed by hitting by an IED back in February 2007. After he got the big misfortune due to the injury, one of the activity solace work force recommended Roman join the San Antonio Rampage sled hockey club.

In this way, he joined the club and began playing for something similar, laying out his development vocation in sled hockey from the 2009 to 2011 seasons. He is the child of Connie Roman and was raised alongside two brothers, Benito and Carlos. Rico resigned from the Army which made him left with his left leg cut off over the knee. He is the beneficiary of the purple heart. He was acquainted with hockey in 2008 by Operation Comfort, an association that is committed to helping harmed characters of U.S administrations at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Rico Roman Career Rico Roman joined the significant association hockey group back in 2009 and has been keeping up with his situation and practices with the group from that point forward. He was acquainted with cycling, wheelchair b-ball, and wheelchair football. Inside one year of removal, Roman prevailed with regards to accomplishing and keeping up with his vocation in sports while trekking for two long distance races, where he rode 150 miles in a day and was meant to fund-raise for a considerable length of time research. Rico Roman, the beneficiary of purple heart, made his presentation with U.S. public sled hockey group in 2011 and later proceeded to get a situation in the main Paralympic Team in 2014.

Back in 2012, Rico joined Dallas Stars, where he was given the assistance to perform and bring home the USA Hockey Sled Championship Classic Division A. from 2011 till now, he has been serving his obligations on the United States National Sled Hockey Team and has stayed one time champ of the 2013 USA Hockey Sled Cup. Rico got the silver award back in November 2011 in IPC World Sled Hockey Challenge and next, he won the gold decoration for a similar spot followed by the silver decoration in the year 2013. In 2012, he was granted the gold decoration, where he won the International Paralympic Committee Ice Sledge Hockey World Championship and one more silver award the next year with a similar spot or position.

Ascend to Fame Preceding playing sled hockey, Rico was not partial to playing the game. He used to keep thinking about regardless of whether the Hispanics play the game. Indeed, even in his meeting, he said that he has a place with Oregon, not from the hockey group, so he was not liable to address the hockey group. In 2014, Rico got one more gold decoration in his paralympic occasion in Sochi. Till now he has gotten three gold awards (2012, 2019, 2021) and two silver decorations (2013 and 2017) while encountering the big showdowns with the sled hockey group. Regardless of this, he has stayed a three-time Paralympian beginning from 2014, where he won a gold decoration with his US group followed by one more gold award in the 2018 Paralympics.

Rico is a cheerfully hitched man, who has been hitched to his adoring and lovely spouse named Nathalie Roman. His significant other aided him all through his prosperity and the terrible days when he lost his leg in the blast while performing obligations in Iraq. Inside one year, Roman dominated his prosthetic leg and began strolling or in any event, working while at the same time being in the condition. Today, he is the dad, a Paralympian, and a resigned armed force man, who for sure has more years to prevail throughout everyday life. Roman is the pleased dad of two youngsters, Juliet (8) and Raul (6).

Rico Roman Net Worth It is without a doubt that Rico is acquiring a decent sum on account of his resigned armed force profession, his appearances in Paralympics, and prize cash since he procured different gold and silver awards at different big showdowns. Until further notice, Rico Roman’s assessed total assets is almost $3 million.

Random data Dealing with vehicles, wheelchair b-ball, hand cycling, swimming, and hunting are a couple of the known side interests of Rico Roman. He is likewise partial to watching boxing titles, where his deity is U.S. fighter, Floyd Mayweather. His cherished NHL group is the Dallas Stars, for which he has created tireless love and regard on account of their games and the endeavors they put in.