Lucero killed Roberts without a second thought. Out of the two slugs terminated by Lucero, one went through Robert’s chest while the other one touched his shoulder. Additionally, she had utilized a 9 m.m. handgun to end his life.

The awful occurrence has likewise been depicted in one of the episodes of Deadly Women. It has been named ‘Illegal and Lethal.’ Likewise, you can stream the show on Hulu.

Ricky Roberts’ eulogy can’t be found on the web. He was 49 years of age at the hour of his passing. Moreover, his killer was sentenced for first-degree murder with a gun improvement.

This article has been composed to illuminate the perusers about Ricky’s awful passing, and not the slightest bit is his tribute.

Ricky Roberts was a destruction derby driver and a police volunteer. For almost 30 years, Roberts contended in races in Pleasanton, Angels Camp, and Plymouth. Indeed, one of the Derby races he had been a piece of was likewise communicated on ESPN.

Discussing Ricky and Cheryl’s relationship, they were sincerely involved for quite a while yet they headed out in different directions in 2012.

Cheryl was supposed to be fixated on Ricky as she had been following him a half year before his demise. Truth be told, Ricky had additionally announced with regards to the following.

Later the authorities drew an obvious conclusion, they requested that Lucero bring her gun for testing, however she avoided it and never acquired the weapon. Then, at that point, the authorities looked through her stockpiling unit and tracked down transcribed wedding declarations photographs of Ricky, and bits of his dress.

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Later her capture, a jury was chosen, and the consultation started on August 8, 2015. In spite of admitting about her violations to the investigators, Cheryl denied her doings in the preliminary.

As Cheryl Lucero has been condemned to life in jail, she is presently apologizing for her wrongdoing behind the bars. The jury looking at the homicide case viewed Lucero to be entirelyliable of killing Roberts on September 4, 2015. Moreover, she will be qualified for parole in the wake of serving somewhere around 50 years of her sentence.