At the point when you’re however fruitful and notable as Martin seems to be, chances are that you’ve made a considerable amount of cash. All things considered, what precisely is Ricky Martin’s total assets? Moreover, what do we realize about the rape case as of now coming to pass among him and his nephew? Continue to peruse to find out. What is Ricky Martin’s total assets? Throughout the course of recent many years or somewhere in the vicinity, Martin has been cautiously developing his public persona into the melodic behemoth that it is today. He has delivered outline beating hit after diagram besting hit and visited the world over numerous times.

Ricky Martin is a successful genre-spanning musical artist who is well known for tracks such as “Vuelve” and “La Copa de la Vida.”

Birthdate: Dec. 24, 1971

Birthplace: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Birth name: Enrique Martín Morales

Father: Enrique Martín Negroni

Mother: Doña Nereida Morales

Marriages: Jwan Yosef (2017-present)

Children: Sons Renn Martin-Yosef, Matteo Martin, and Valentino Martin. Daughter Lucia Martin-Yosef

Net worth: $130 million

He has a total assets of generally $130 million, per Ricky Martin’s nephew has blamed him for homegrown maltreatment. Martin has graced a lot of titles after some time, however the new circumstance that put his name in the news is a significantly less ideal one. For sure, the acclaimed vocalist is being blamed for homegrown maltreatment by, as a matter of fact, his own nephew. Per Deadline, Martin was at first blamed for aggressive behavior at home by Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, who said he and the vocalist had a seven-drawn out sexual relationship. He added that Martin couldn’t acknowledge when their relationship finished and said he “fears for his security.”

An appointed authority in Puerto Rico struck down the beforehand given limiting request set up due to Sanchez’s claims, however Martin wasn’t happy with simply that. He then sought after a $20 million claim against Sanchez.

The recording, per another Deadline report, expressed, “The foolish, malevolent, and chargeable activities by Defendant Sanchez were spurred by the longing to open Plaintiff to scorn and scorn from his fanbase, to compromise his business open doors, and to obliterate his standing.”

Once more notwithstanding, Martin’s countersuit appears to just have prodded his nephew further, as Deadline detailed that Sanchez has sought after one more legitimate argument against Martin in Puerto Rico, this time guaranteeing that the vocalist physically attacked him.

In an explanation to the distribution, Martin’s legal counselor, José Andréu-Fuentes, denied the charges required against his client. “These cases are stunningly hostile and totally untethered from the real world,” he made sense of. “At the point when this man recently made comparative charges, his lawful case must be removed — not least since he personally conceded after swearing to tell the truth that Ricky Martin had never attacked him in any capacity.”

He added, “Presently, subsequent to being sued for attempting to blackmail Mr. Martin, he is endeavoring to spread his falsehoods once more. It is past time that the media quits giving this profoundly grieved individual the oxygen of exposure and permits him to get the assistance he so obviously needs.”

The reality of the situation will surface at some point what happens to Martin’s claim as well as Sanchez’s new cases that the artist physically attacked him.